Monday, 27 January 2014

Urgent Petition in Defence of Barnet Trade Unions

Romayne Phoenix via 
to GP-TUGreen
Urgent Petition in Defence of Barnet Trade Unions

Link to the petition against this at 38 Degrees:

Please sign and circulate.

The two local trade unions, UNISON & GMB, have been subject to both personal and political attacks by Conservative controlled Barnet Council in relation to facility time. On 1 April 2014 the Council are ceasing all of the facility time for both trade unions. The facility time pot has already been cut by 66% to date.

This is the final act of what has been a sustained attack on the local trade unions for daring to question the wisdom of the One Barnet mass outsourcing of Council services.

Barnet Council has been promoting the ideology ?Public Bad Private Good? as the solution to ?Austerity? with the help of expensive consultants (Consultancy Agilisys estimated costs to date close to £8million this does not include £millions spent on legal advice). First it was Future Shape then EasyCouncil, then One Barnet and now it is being promoted as the Commissioning Council. Whatever the name of this policy the human cost has meant redundancies and significant attacks on terms & conditions for those staff outsourced to contractors such as Your Choice Barnet, NSL, Capita and Barnet Homes.

Here is an animation explaining what is happening in Barnet:

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