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Welcome to the latest of our occasional Rising Tide UK Newsletters with details of stuff to go to!

Sunday September 13th 2015,
We’re announcing “Open Season”
 with the Art Not Oil Coalition www.artnotoil.org.uk
Please join us and SAVE THE DATE for a mass creative protest against big oil!
Maybe even a festivoil?

It’s time to step things up. The day will finish with a grand finale where different groups will gather for a mass performance and we’ll send you more details of that closer to the time. Get the date in your diaries. We'll be doing a more public announcement about this later, so please don't post it on social media yet, so we can make a proper splash about it closer to the time - thanks!

2) July 9-12 (Thurs-Sun),BREAKING THE FRAME 2: Second Gathering on the Politics of Technology 
Unstone Grange, Nr. Dronfield, Derbyshire.

Organised by Luddites200, Rising Tide UK and others.

With just over a week to go to the Breaking the Frame2 Gathering there are still a few places left, but book soon if you want a bed rather than your tent! We have an exciting programme with speakers from campaign groups, academics and writers. Breaking the Frame is not just another summer gathering (although there will be plenty of time to relax and enjoy yourself) - it's an innovative effort to rethink our approach to the crucial issue of technology, by learning from each other and drawing on everyone's insights and experience. Neither is it just another political event focused on problems - we will be thinking together about how to gain democratic control of technology and what sort of future we want. So, if you care about the politics of technology, whether it's GM food, surveillance, renewable energy, women and digital technology, or designer babies; whether you're a technology politics campaigner, trade unionist, environmentalist, critical scientist, developer of alternative technology, artist or plain concerned citizen; Breaking the Frame2 is not to be missed. Come and help us change the debate on technology.

To book online, go to www.breakingtheframe.org.uk/BTF2015 (or download the booking form and post it to us smartish!). There are concessionary rates for those on low income. Contact info@breakingtheframe.org.uk or call 020 7426 0005
For more on the ideas behind the gathering go to http://breakingtheframe.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Ideas-behind-the-gathering.pdf.

3) 19th-24th August, 2015 (Wed-Mon)EARTH FIRST SUMMER GATHERING 
At a rural site in the Derbyshire Peak District (TBC)The EF! Summer Gathering is 5 days of workshops, networking and planning actions at a low impact eco-living camp organised non-hierarchically. It's run without leaders by everyone who comes along, so come prepared to chip in! Five days of skill-sharing for grassroots ecological direct action - make links, share ideas, and get involved in the struggles against fracking, new roads and more. The Gathering will be camping at a rural site (accessible by public transport) so you'll need to bring a tent, sleeping bag, torch and suchlike. Meals are provided by the Gathering's collective kitchen and there'll be a snack shop. Everyone is crew, so the site, including toilets and running water, will be run by us all. Contact : summergathering@earthfirst.org.uk 

That's all for now so fill in 13th September in your diary and go and get your tent ready!

 Rising Tide UK,
 c/o 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel, LONDON E1 1ES
 Tel: 07708 794665

Sunday, 28 June 2015

TUC to organise national demonstration during Conservative Party Conference

Don't frack Lancashire

A call to all trades unionists living in Lancashire, and the wider North West who are able to make it, to support the mass lobby planned by local residents and anti-fracking campaigners outside County Hall in Preston tomorrow starting at 9.00am - calling for Cuadrilla's application to test drill and frack a site in Lancashire to be turned down.
Lancashire Councillors have turned down one application to frack at a site at Roseacre Wood near Blackpool. Tomorrow morning they will decide on a second site at Preston New Road, a decision they deferred making on Wednesday last week.
We call on all trades unionists living in Lancashire, and the wider North West who are able to make it, to support the mass lobby planned by local residents and anti-fracking campaigners outside County Hall in Preston starting at 9.00am calling for Cuadrilla's application to be turned down.
Opposition to fracking is not only National Trades Council Conference policy, supported by GMATUC, Merseyside, Lancashire and Cheshire Association of Trades Councils, but the decision by Lancashire Councillors to reject the application would also in our view, be the most 'reasonable' course of action, for them to take. It would also halt in its tracks, for now at least, the Government's roll out of fracking in Lancashire, the desolate North and wider UK.
The reported legal advice Councillors have received, is that should they reject the application, and fracking company Cuadrilla appeal the decision, then they would be overturned, and the Council fined, on the basis that their decision could not be shown to be a reasonable one.
But this is utter nonsense, and makes a mockery of the planning process, the public electing representatives to make such decisions, and the evidence, and overall arguments upon which all such decisions are surely reasonably made.
It also smacks of legal and political bullying based on an alleged threat of some kind of sanction, such as a Council fine, later down the line, if Councillors down give Cuadrilla the go ahead.
Lancashire Councillors will hopefully, having heard the extensive evidence, and arguments put to them by all sides, have the good sense and wisdom to make the right decision, and be prepared stand up to any such alleged threats, after all, should they decide to reject the Cuadrilla's application, they can look forward to overwhelming support of the public.
See you there.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

10 MORE DAYS STRIKE ACTION AT NATIONAL GALLERY! 20 June 22-27 June 30 June-02 July



George Osborne is to announce an emergency budget on Wednesday 8 July.

The People's Assembly is calling a national day of protests against austerity on that day across the country. This is the second budget in just four months & it begs the question what was Osborne hiding in his last? 

Osborne plans £12 billion in cuts to welfare and a fresh round of austerity measures

Updates on protests across the country will be posted here - more info soon. 
Birmingham 8 July 
Protest 17:00 @ Waterstones, Birmingham City Centre
Bristol 8 July
Protest 17:30 @ The Fountains
Invite your friends
Cardiff 8 July 
Protest 17.30 @ Cardiff Castle 
Invite your friends
Hull 8 July 
Lobby 9am, Rally 12pm @ Hull Guildhall Steps 
Invite your friends
Leeds 8 July 
City Square, Leeds 17:00 
Invite your friends
London 8 July
Protest at Parliament (time to be announced)
Invite your friends
Manchester 8 July 
Protest 17:00 @ Market Street 
Invite your friends
Newcastle 7 July
Protest 17:00 @ Grey's Monument 
Invite your friends
Newport 8 July 
Protest 17.30 @ Westgate Square 
Invite your friends
Nottingham 8 July 
Protest 17:00 @ Brian Clough Statue 
Invite your friends
Oxford 8 July 
Protest 18.00 @ Carfax Tower 
Invite your friends
Sunderland 8 July 
Protest 17.00 @ Park Lane 
Invite your friends
York 8 July 
Parliament St (between Barclay's and Halifax bank) 17.30
July 08, 2015 at 12pm - July 09, 2015
London: Houses of Parliament (and UK-Wide)
Houses of Parliament
London SW1A 2PW
United Kingdom
Google map and directions

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

12 day Newsquest Strike

Maeve Tomlinson 

Dear all,

There is a 12 day Newsquest Strike happening by our journalists in South and South West London, who write for local papers contributing to democracy and active informed citizenry. Darren Johnson and Jenny Jones wrote to Newsquest to support journalists and their letter can be found in the NUJ article 'Twelve Day London Newsquest strike begins' from 18th June 2015 or on the Sutton Green Party Facebook page.

I plan to support the NUJ strike on Friday with a friend meeting Sutton station at 1:15pm and then wandering over to Quadrant House, Sutton to show solidarity. Can you make it there also?

Check out the latest, including their visit to the London Assembly:


The redundancies will be announced Friday 26th June 

National Gallery Dispute. House of Parliament Lobby & FRIDAY 26 JUNE PROTEST AND STRIKE PARTY

Romayne Phoenix
June 24 at 4:07am
Great news! There will be an Adjournment Debate in the House of Commons about the National Gallery Dispute.

This will take place between 4 and 5pm on Thursday - if you can join us at 3.15pm opposite House of Parliament for a lobby and to then attend the debate.
1) Please email your MP urgently

We are asking everyone to email their MP urgently to ask them to attend the debate and if they are sympathetic to intervene. You can Find your MPs email address here.

You could say:

I am one of your constituents and I am concerned about plans to privatise two thirds of the staff at the National Gallery and the dismissal of PCS trade union representative Candy Udwin. I am writing to urge you to attend the adjournment debate on Thursday 25 June about the Gallery's proposals.
2) Attend our protest


There will be a protest on Friday night 5-6pm at the Gallery followed by a Solidarity Strike Party - all welcome

Protest National Gallery 5pm

Party at Temple Bar 6.30PM The Strand
Aldwych WC2R 3LL

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The People's Assembly Against Austerity:A mass movement is born.

A mass movement is born.An estimated 250,000 people marched through the heart of London on Saturday, with one unshakable and unifying message, End Austerity Now! To all those that organised coaches, built blocs, volunteered, spoke, stewarded and donated, we'd like to send a huge thank you and round of applause. Together, we captured major headlines, trended far and wide on social media, and better yet, ensured that the new government has no excuse to ignore a movement that is fast and inevitably growing. 

The next steps are the most important of all. An ongoing series of actions, events, and local organising is vital if we are to create the kind of political crisis that is needed to achieve real social change and a future that is fair and sustainable for all. And so we announce what's coming up...

Protest Osborne's Emergency Budget: National Day of Action | 8th July, 2015 | UK-wide
Osborne plans £12 billion in cuts to welfare and a fresh round of austerity measures. We're calling a national day of action, with rallies, strikes, creative stunts and events all across the country. Get in touch to plan an event in your area and we'll add it to the list!

Demonstrate at the Tory Party Conference | 4-8th October, 2015 | ManchesterWe'll be hosting a week of National protests and action at the Tory party conference. More details will be coming soon so keep an eye on out!

The ball is rolling but we're going to need your help. Our monthly income is entirely reliant on donations and right now, we urgently need more funds if we're to keep up this level of momentum. Please consider donating just £3 per month to help us reach even further, and our message sound out even louder.

In just 2 days, we've had 8 different regions write in to ask about setting up a new local People's Assembly group. Just think how your £3 per month could help them get a good running start! Start up your regular donation now!

Here are some beautiful photos of this weekend's demonstration just to bring back that brilliant feeling. Enjoy!

The People's Assembly Against Austerity

Saturday, 20 June 2015

gptu banner at london anti-austerity demo 20/6/2015

acknowledgements to Martin Francis

Friday, 19 June 2015

Anti Academies Alliance NEWS + Meeting in Parliament 22 JUNE with Caroline Lucas MP

Anti Academies Alliance NEWS + Meeting in Parliament 22 JUNE with Caroline Lucas MP

If  You Thought the 2010 Academies Act was Bad…..

The 2015 Education and Adoption Bill, described by the Local Schools Network as signalling ‘the new authoritarian conservative Britain’ will have its second reading next week. We have grave concerns about this Bill, which includes the rapid expansion of the free schools and academies programme, and the effect it will have on our schools. Therefore,

 on 22nd June from 6.00pm while MPs debate the Bill, we’ll be hosting an open meeting in the House of Commons

to discuss how to oppose it. Visitors will need to go through security so allow plenty of time if you’d like to join us.  As well as Alasdair Smith AAA national secretary, speakers include Henry Stewart of the Local Schools Network, Caroline Lucas MP, Catherine West MP and Clive Lewis MP who used his maiden speech to protest at the Inspiration Trust’s takeover of Hewett School in Norwich.

Although the Bill promises that ‘coasting’ schools will be converted to academy status, it does not define ‘coasting’.  Will it be based on Ofsted judgements, pupil data or the whim of the Secretary of State or her viceroys – the Regional Schools Commissioners?  RSCs, whose personal key performance indicators include the number of academy conversions, will be given new powers to intervene in maintained schools.  The new Act, if passed, will see governors, councillors and local communities forced to implement the academy ‘solution’ whether or not they think it’s in the best interest of their children. And what of the ‘failing’ academies and free schools?  These are handed to the DfE’s academy sponsor of choice – no doubt a chain - without public scrutiny or consultation.  The price of ‘autonomy’ seems to be even more centralised control from Whitehall.

Free Schools in Free Fall

The Secretary of State found it difficult to put her finger on the number of ‘failing’ academies but one thing she can be sure of - it’s on the rise. Just take a look at our Twitter timeline @antiacademies or our Facebook page. This week we learned that a Catholic Free School in Camborne, Cornwall which cost £4.5million for only 60 pupils, is to be taken over by another sponsor. Also in the South West, Route 39 Academy has been judged to require improvement. Opening in North Devon with less than half the promised number of students, this was the school that offered free farm park tickets to parents who signed up to support their bid.

40% Off at Ofsted

In an ironic twist, Ofsted has abandoned its own free market experiment and brought its inspectors in-house. The profit-making giants like Serco and Tribal that inspect our schools will lose their contracts from the start of next term.  However a whopping 40% of existing inspectors failed to get the in-house jobs.  And Ofsted told the TES that an ‘initial sift’ of additional inspectors took out about 500 who lacked the relevant qualifications or leadership experience, or did not possess qualified teacher status.

And Finally

We bid a not so fond farewell to the Independent Academies Association which is closing in the face of insolvency. The Association, whose honorary president is Lord Andrew Adonis, acknowledged that in the future our children will be educated in Multi Academy Trusts – ‘chains’ to you and me – rather than individual ‘autonomous’ academies.
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Our mailing address is:

Anti Academies Alliance
PO Box 5408
BN50 8HB

London Met Uni: Our next strike day has just been announced: Thursday 25th June.

Our next strike day has just been announced: Thursday 25th June. A London Met Uni picket line at approx 9am, Goulston St. in Tower Hamlets - just wouldn't be the same without a solidarity visit from Sandy Nicoll and John McLoughlin (plus the world famous SOAS banner)!
Thanks for all the solidarity shown so far. 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

More strikes at Lewisham Southwark College in row over job losses 17 June 2015

More strikes at Lewisham Southwark College in row over job losses

17 June 2015

Staff at Lewisham Southwark College are walking out again tomorrow as part of three days of strikes as they step up their campaign against more than 100 job losses at the college.
UCU members will be on strike on Thursday 18 June, Friday 19 June and Tuesday 23 June. Picket lines will be held outside the main entrances to the college's four campuses in LewishamDeptfordCamberwell and Waterlooeach morning from 7:30am.
Strikers at Lewisham Southwark College, Jun 15 : UCU members protesting during the strike against job losses at Lewisham Southwark College on 18 June 2015
UCU members protest during Thursday's strike against job losses
On Thursday there will be a rally starting at 10:45am outside the Lewisham campus. On Friday there will be a demonstration outside theCamberwell campus, which is under threat of closure.
The college management has blamed government cuts for its plans to axe 112 posts, but UCU says the college has failed to fully explore alternative financial strategies and has created unnecessary delays in agreeing voluntary redundancy packages for staff.
In the recent ballot, UCU members overwhelmingly backed strike action with 85% of those polled voting in favour of walking out. There has already been one day lost to strike action in the dispute after staff walked out earlier this month.
UCU regional official, Una O'Brien, said: 'Strike action is a last resort for staff at Lewisham Southwark College, but we are increasingly frustrated with the college's slash and burn approach to its difficulties. The college should sit down with us and discuss all the options available.'
from http://www.ucu.org.uk/index.cfm?articleid=7554&from=1676
see also 


The Green Party Trade Union group sends solidarity to Lewishan College UCU members who are in dispute against job losses at the College. We recognise both the justice of defending workers' pay, conditions and jobs: and also the importance of Further Education as part of a properly funded education system in this country.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

'End Austerity Now' national demonstration: Assemble 12pm Saturday 20 June, Bank of England (Queen Victoria Street), march to Parliament Square

3 days to go! It's time to make that last dash to the finish line! Time to do everything we can to make this demonstration as big and effective as possible, and get all the final details in place.

'End Austerity Now' national demonstration: Assemble 12pm Saturday 20 June, Bank of England (Queen Victoria Street), march to Parliament Square. Full details...

Thunderclap: Sign up NOW!Help us make the demo trend world-wide, and send a strong message to David Cameron himself!Sign up NOW to our Thunderclap! Don't forget to use the hashtag #EndAusterityNow when talking about the demo online!

Can you Steward on June 20thSign Up NOW!
We need a large team of super incredible volunteers to help us on the day! Please Sign Up NOW if you can help with this hugely important role, by clicking below:


PLEASE NOTE: All stewards must arrive at 9.30am at Bank Tube Station on June 20th. We also have a stewards briefing this Thursday evening at 6.30pm, which we are asking all stewards to attend if they can. We'll send you details of the meeting once you've signed up.

Interactive Bloc Plan: (Click the image to see more!)

This is simple and rough guide for groups and campaigns that would like to march together. However, feel free to go wherever you like!

Set up a regular donation!
We're already gearing up for action after June 20th, but we're going to need your ongoing support!Please donate £5 per month (or more!) help us ensure the momentum never drops and the next five years see a strong wave of action against austerity in every town and city of the UK! Click here to DONATE!

More on June 20th:
Info for Coach Organisers
Access and Short Route
Travel to London
Route Map 

Some supportive messages to get you in the mood...
Frances O'Grady - TUC General Secretary
“The TUC is proud to send greetings, solidarity and support to this timely People’s Assembly demonstration. Today ordinary people are joining together in their thousands to send a clear message to the new government: no more brutal austerity, senseless cuts and ideological privatisations. That’s why trade unions will continue to fight for a real alternative based on investment, public ownership and strong rights for working people. Together we can build a fairer, more equal, more hopeful country”.

Charlotte Church - Singer and Activist 
“I’ll be there in London on 20th June, not just because it’ll be loads of fun, but because staying at home and doom-mongering doesn’t do anyone any good. The government are using diversionary tactics to distract us from the burglary that’s about to take place. Fox-hunting is not something we need to be talking about. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is! We need to show the government that we see through the lies they’ve told us about the state of our economy. Austerity is but another shiny bauble to bewilder us with, and yet the cuts that are taking place threaten, not just livelihoods, but lives. This government is extreme in it’s ideology and is a genuine threat to our freedoms, our privileges and our economic future. We have a democratic responsibility to oppose this government, and we can sing songs while we do it. Let’s do something good!”

Sam Fairbairn - General Secretary of The People's Assembly
"This government is acting as if a small majority in parliament gives them the green light for dictatorial rule without opposition. On Saturday 20 June the people will demonstrate mass opposition in our hundreds of thousands. It will be the start of a campaign of protest, strikes, direct action and civil disobedience up and down the country. We will not rest until austerity is history, our services are back in public hands and the needs of the majority are put first."
Julie Hesmondhalgh - Actress
“I want to be part of a creative movement, full of imagination, righteous anger and humour, that tackles austerity head on. I'm full of hope that there is a groundswell in our country that want a better, fairer society. Despondency is the best friend of apathy and the enemy of hope.” 
Michael Sheen - Actor“We must not let 'Austerity Measures' provide a cover for a systematic dismantling of the mechanisms of equality in this country. The TRUTH is that the financial crisis was caused by the unchecked desires for profit at the expense of responsibility in the financial sector. The TRUTH is that the danger of "welfare handouts" is a myth whereas the massive banking bailouts were a grotesque reality. There IS such a thing as society. TOGETHER we must use our democratic right to make our voices heard and SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER”
Christine Blower - General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers “It is scandalous that those on the lowest incomes are being forced to bear most of the pain of the damaging and misguided austerity programme. No family should have to rely on food banks in the sixth richest nation in the world. We must not sit back and let child poverty rocket as it is projected to do over the next few years. Pupils and students will be hit hardest by further cuts to education funding over the course of this Parliament. We know that education cuts never heal. I hope that many thousands of people will join the demonstration on 20 June to say now is the time to end austerity.”

Mick Cash - RMT General Secretary 
“The fight against austerity is also the  fight for job security, for decent pay and conditions  and for rights at work.  That struggle is now more essential than ever and must be fought not only directly with the bosses, but through mass protest and actions. Let’s have a massive turnout in London and Glasgow on 20th June.”   

Maxine Peake - Actress

“Direct action is the only way to stem the constant ruthless attacks on our society by this arrogant and vicious system. If we don't stand up we will lose our most precious assets. Assets that have been fought so long and  hard for. The NHS, Our Public services, Legal Aid, the list goes on. We don't have to take it, so we do have to Stand up on June 20th. Now is our time to say "We can see through your lies,Stop your mindless bullying No More!”
Shappi Khorsandi - Comedian"I'm am joining the march on June 20th to END AUSTERITY NOW along side The People's Assembly because I simply don't buy what the government is telling me. The disabled, the poor, the disadvantaged are being demonised and punished with disgraceful cuts to public services. Those in power KNOW we have alternatives. We can't be passive bystanders as they  dismantle our public services, and as they cripple our arts establishments. In our country, we can protest without being shot. Let's exercise this liberty!"
Paul McGann - Actor
“This government will have to keep the partisan promises it made to win power. Its backers will want their reward. In the guise of Austerity Measures rights will be curtailed, social divisions made worse, public assets stripped, child poverty increased, and all to ensure that the rich become a little bit richer. It's your democratic right to protest. Join us on 20th June. Together we can remind them what an opposition looks like, and a proper majority.”    
See you (very) soon!

The People's Assembly Against Austerity