Minutes GPTU meeting 18/11/2015

Minutes GPTU meeting 18/11/2015 
1.    Apologies: Lesley Anne Baxter. Keiron Merrett
2.      Minutes GPTU meeting 7/10/2015, Agreed for accuracy.
3.    Matters arising
a)    Skype training needed.
b)    National Gallery dispute: Candy Unwin reinstated, but privatisation still taking place and other museums may also be privatising.
c)    Contact Will Duckworth re Kiwi and Lime complaint (email sent).
Contact Conferences committee re OPT at spring conference.( I have asked by GPTU to ask Conferences committee whether the Optimum Population Trust (aka Population Matters) will be allowed to have a stall or a fringe meeting at Green Party spring conference 2016. Thank you for any information you can give GPTU on this matter.)
d)    London Federation of Green Party’s AGM 9/10/2015. P.Murry elected London TULO.
e)    27 Feb 2016 | London | Stop Trident national demonstration (memo sent to Conferences committee asking to avoid clash.)
f)     The following remains unresolved: will there be a move to democratically accountable Labour Councillors? and will GPEW be able to match this?( SEE  http://londongreenleft.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/labour-signals-end-to-dented-shield.html)
3.    Officers’ reports;
      i.        Secretary: Routine duties, drafting Leaflet on Anti-tu bill featuring Caroline Lucas’ quotes Leaflet redesigned by Louise Venn available at http://gptublog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/gptu-trade-union-bill-leaflet.html (1st ed hard copies available from P.Murry and 2nd ed at http://gptublog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/green-party-anti-anti-tu-law-leaflet.html. spoke from floor a leafleted an Anti TU bill Brent meeting. GPTU stall at TUC Anti TU bill rally and lobby of Parliament 2/11. spoke at NE London Anti TU bill conference 14/11 11am-3.30pm Saturday 14 November, Harold Road Centre, 170 Harold Road, London E13 0SJ
    ii.        Treasurer Balance of takings from Pluto book sales at conference paid therefore funds are now £164.79
   iii.        Membership. 234
   iv.        National TULO planning/ preparing tainging sessions/fringes at spring conference 2016

4.     GP conference spring 2016
A gptu fringe Secretary to apply for slot for GPTU AGM
D Possible Conference Motions see GP members’ site deadline 30/11/2015

5.    Upcoming and recent disputes etc.

a)    Paaa October 4th Demo Manchester (gl meeting on 3/10) Secretary assisted with Manchester GP stall
b)    Paris Cop December 2015, Main demo cancelled due to state of emergency, although some possible mini demos on 12/12. Contact ccc for up to date information http://www.campaigncc.org/paris
d) London demo climate change demo 29/11 announced at t London federation meeting that the  green block will assemble on the corner of Deanery St and Park Lane (https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Deanery+St,+Mayfair,+London+W1K/@51.5084397,-0.1583489,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4876052e346c8f1d:0xb4e727bd39fc113a) nearest tube Hyde Park., from 10.30 am  the had some placards and sticks(c100?). there will be 3 Labour blocks, Corbyn may be speaking, Z.Goldsmith won't
training session for stewards etc gpew holywell office nr old st 10-12 21/11
placard making 26/11 at FoE hq southwark 
contact Hugo De Armas EstevezéRe ,
e)    London Federation of Green Party’s reorganisation and personnel changes: reorganisation proposals drafted by co-chairs considered but LF Officers’ on 11/11 and a redraft is being prepared, (nb originally could have involved removal of TULO and bme representation). C.Allen resigned as co-chair, T.Chance will also resign. There will be an election for chair.

f)     recount of London assembly candidates took place due to errors in first count gl list selection order now is:

1.    Sian Berry. 2. Caroline Russell 3. Shahrar Ali 4. Jonathan Bartley 5. Noel Lynch 6. Rashid Nix 7. Tom Chance 8. Dee Searle 9. Benali Hamdache 10. Andrea Carey Fuller 11. RoseMary Warrington Reserves 12. Peter Underwood 13. Michael Gold 14. Barry Cooper

g)    Scottish gptu message sent  (The Trade Union Group of the Green Party of England and Wales is delighted to hear that the Scottish Green Party is establishing its own Trade Union Group . We regard this as a very positive development, especially in view of the current legal assaults on Trades Unions  proposed by the government. We hope to be able to co-operate and exchange information and ideas with the Scottish Green Party Trade Union Group .)
h)   ) SOAs joint UCU/Unison unofficial strike action had resulted in the reinstatement of a sacked Unison steward.
i)     Bridgewater postmen unofficial strike action had resulted in the reinstatement of a sacked disabled postal worker.
j)       John Roan NUT* strike action over curriculum issues, message of solidarity from GPTU at http://gptublog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/green-party-trade-union-group-sends-its.html for further info contact  www.thejohnroannut.org
k)    Barnet Unison*message of solidarity sent from GPTU see http://gptublog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/10/the-green-party-trade-union-group-sends.html
l)     Thanks to William Quick for info on Bristol anti tu bill and NUS protests see http://gptublog.blogspot.co.uk/2015/11/bristol-killthebill-nhs-right2strike.html q) PAAA, Downing st demo 24/11 PAAA National conference 5/12
n)   Peoples Assembly National conference 5/12 Saturday 5 December 2015, 10am - 5pm Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London, book at http://www.thepeoplesassembly.org.uk/events  contact Livio Pavone lllpav212@gmail.com for details of GP involvement

6.    Gptu Media a) New website design suggested but it is also being suggested that we should use GP template and server instead (see a suggested new design attached) ask Keiron Merrett to proceed with new design.
b) Move GPTU forum to National Forums on GP website

7 Next GPTU meeting 7.00pm Weds 20h January 2016, Development House.

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