Saturday, 28 July 2012


Acknowledgemnts Leeds Greens

'Remploy was set up in 1946 as part of the welfare state, to allow disabled people to work with dignity and support'. Today 100 people protested outside Leeds art gallery against the proposed selling of 36 UK Remploy factories before Christmas. It is possible that all remaining 54 Remploy sites will be sold by the 2014. Within Leeds Remploy employs 60 people near Morley. They build wheelchairs, pack jam, tag products and do small electrical work. There is a main recruitment branch in Leeds city centre. Other nearby Remploy factories include Burley in Wharfedale and Pontefract. An important contract is with the NHS; so this can be seen as part of the notorious privatisation of our health service.

Allegedly during the 1980s the closure of certain Remploy sites caused a bigger outcry. Are we 'fighting fires' on too many fronts?

The Green Party ultimately believes in a citizens income ) and can prove that cuts aimed at the vulnerable are wrong. This is not a utopia and all our measures are fully accounted. Nationally we believe in increasing taxes for the very rich, land taxes, a Tobin/Robin Hood Tax, an end to costly PFI schemes, scrap Trident nuclear, cancelling unnecessary road building and putting an end to aggressive wars.

We accept that in the future there may have to be more radical changes to our entire system but we will do what we can where we can. The citizens income is an important part of our future.

For more information see:

Protest against closure of the Central Middlesex A&E

Martin Roger FrancisBrent Fightback

Campaigners will be giving out postcards about the threat to our local NHS and the closure of the Central Middlesex A&E and collecting signatures on petitions on 28/7/12 at Harlesden Methodist Church and outside Sainsbury's on Willesden High Road.

Please come and help publicise the campaign and the march due to take place on September 15th from Harlesden to Central Middlesex Hospital.

Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hi All,

I am emailing you as a matter of urgency, Acton Remploy are faced with closure very soon and the employees there have recently voted unanimously in favour of striking to resist it's closure.

There are 24 employees at this Remploy, all of which are disabled some of who are also on mandatory work schemes and so are unable to strike or will not receive their pay and they are calling for people to come out in a show of solidarity against the closure of their factory, which produces parts for the fire service.

This is a real dire situation and I am emailing all of my sources about this to try and support these disabled workers so please do pass this call to arms on via all modes of media - the bigger we make this protest the more chance they have of keeping their jobs and factory, they are even contemplating occupying the factory and last week their confidence grew by some of the support that they had been given by people coming to stand with them.
They are due to go out on the picket lines from 9am this Thursday and the address is:

Remploy,2 Portal Way ,Acton,LondonW3 6RT

Many thanks
Kind Regards,
Ryan Coley
Kingston and Surbiton Green Party Member

acknowledgements to Noel Lynch

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Coalition of Resistance calls for support to the TUC march on 20 October and the European Anti-Austerity Conference on 21 October

On Saturday October 20th the British Trades Union Congress is holding a march against austerity 'For a future that works'. Hundreds of thousands of people will take to the streets of London to oppose the cuts being forced upon them. The Coalition of Resistance will be at the heart of this demonstration with its message of 'No Cuts'. The participation of delegations from across Europe will hugely strengthen the significance of what will be a massive mobilisation.

In 2011 our organisation initiated the Europe Against Austerity conference which issued a call for joint action against austerity throughout Europe. More than 600 people attended the conference in October 2011, with 150 coming from other parts of Europe.

Since that conference we have seen big struggles in Greece where there have been many days of general strike action and in Spain where the Asturian miners have inspired the support of millions throughout Europe. The nature of the onslaught on the peoples of Europe means that such actions will continue and escalate. Further solidarity work and coordination is now urgently needed.

We appeal for anti-austerity organisations throughout Europe to come to London on 20th and 21st October to participate both in the London demonstration and to meet the following day to discuss common action to turn back the tide of austerity. We must build co-ordinated action to enable victories against a common enemy.

There will be an open preparatory meeting in early September to prepare for the October 21st conference and all those who wish to be involved are welcome, whether or not they attended last year's event. The date and venue will be notified shortly. Please contact us if you plan to attend.

We urge organisations and organisations from across Europe to come to London in October - to show that the strength of the working class movement is in its unity and solidarity.

Let's make October 20/21st the next step in our common struggle against austerity.

Andrew Burgin

Secretary, Coalition of Resistance

Monday, 23 July 2012


acknowledgements to glen Burrows

The Bridgwater 48-hour wildcat strike ended successfully this morning at 6am, with an overwhelming vote by CWU members to endorse shop steward Dave Chapple's recommendation to return on the following terms:

1. The suspended postman would be returned to work immediately with any disciplinary investigations completed within 48 hours.

2. National talks would begin covering all major industrial relations problems at Bridgwater Delivery Office, including CWU concerns of heavy-handed management, breaking agreements with the CWU, un-agreed cuts in hours, and hospital appointments.

Sunday's talks, involving CWU acting Deputy General Secretary Ray Ellis and national officer Bob Gibson, finally broke through Royal Mail's previously aggressive stance, and paved the way to get the suspended postman back to work without the threat of recriminations against any CWU members for taking part in the walkout.
Dave Wilshire, Bristol CWU Branch Secretary, said:
"Royal Mail can say what it likes but the fact is they would not talk to us about lifting this suspension until the strike went into it's second day: that's a fact.

However, to be positive, It is good to hear from Dave Chapple at Bridgwater Delivery Office that the return to work today is proceeding smoothly without major problems. This is a major Royal Mail turnaround from last Friday, when it looked like we might be out on strike for a week or more.

Our suspended CWU member will return to work today with the threat of serious disciplinary action removed: the other issues members were on strike about should now be addressed.
The tremendous solidarity shown once again by 110 Bridgwater postal workers has, we believe, forced Royal Mail to show some common sense: we hope this approach continues!"

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Royal Mail's Bridgwater staff stage mass walkout

Managers have begun delivering post after a mass walkout at a Royal Mail delivery office in Somerset.
About 100 Bridgwater staff walked out in protest at a colleague's suspension and over a dispute about time off for medical appointments, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) said.
About 64,000 items of mail need to be posted to about 34,000 addresses across Somerset, Royal Mail said.
The firm has said it is disappointed and is trying to resolve the dispute.
"It's an unofficial dispute that's going to affect mail to postcodes TA5, TA6 and TA7," the CWU's Dave Wilshire said.
Talks between the two parties are ongoing.
A spokesman for Royal Mail said: "We are working hard to resolve this unofficial dispute as soon as possible and contingencies, including managers helping out with deliveries and collections, are in place to keep the mail moving and minimise disruption to our customers.
"We are prioritising special delivery and Royal Mail tracked items and we are updating our website with the latest information."

Acknowledgements to Darrell Herd and BBC Somerset

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Barnet council, not for sale! Conference this Saturday 7 July,

Barnet council, not for sale! Conference this Saturday 7 July, 12-3pm, Greek Community Centre, 2 Britannia Road, London N12.

Entry free, all welcome!

Come and hear how we are planning to fight off the privatisation of all our council services (the One Barnet programme). Hear how Edinburgh saw off a similar outsourcing plan.

Please share!

Monday, 2 July 2012

PCS to support anti-austerity candidates

Labour MPs at risk as union plots challenge 

 Britain's sixth-biggest union has voted to fund anti-austerity candidates in parliamentary elections where it thinks the Labour candidate is not sufficiently opposed to spending cuts. 

The 292,000-strong Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), which is not linked to Labour, is the first major union to have a policy of backing candidates who stand against the party. A spokesman denied that the union is trying to found a rival political party. 

The union, which represents middle and low-ranking civil servants, announced this weekend that its members had voted four to one in favour of using union funds to back anti-austerity candidates. This means union-backed candidates could stand against sitting Labour MPs who are perceived to have supported the coalition's cuts. 

Although Labour has often faced competition from independents or fringe party members from the left, some of whom have been prominent trade union activists, these candidates have never been able to dip into union political funds to cover the costs of their campaigns. The decision by the PCS marks a new stage in the union's long-running battle against public spending cuts, which has included strikes and a publicity campaign. The union has never had a formal link to the Labour party. Its general secretary, Mark Serwotka, was a member of a small revolutionary Marxist group when he was young, and has voted for the Green Party. Union officials insist this is not the launch of a political party to compete with Labour

. They hope the threat will induce constituency Labour parties to choose what a union spokesman called "genuine Labour candidates" who will oppose public sector cuts. However, a Labour candidate in a by-election or the general election who says some cuts are necessary could now face an opponent backed by the country's sixth biggest union. "It will be in exceptional circumstances rather than a general principle," a union spokesman said yesterday. "We're not starting a new party, but if there is a constituency where there has been the closure of a government office or cuts to the NHS and the main opposition parties are not opposing these cuts, we might considers supporting our own candidates or collaborating with others." The change was backed by 78 per cent of those who took part in the ballot, conducted by post and online. But a low turnout of about 20 per cent meant the move was actually endorsed by about one member in six.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

If your Unite branch meets before July 13th please nominate Raj,

from derek wall and jerry hicks

If your Unite branch meets before July 13th please nominate Raj, details below. Please circulate this email to all your contacts as we do not have much time to secure the required number of nominations.........Keep on keeping on, Jerry. [07817827912] 
From Mr B. Gill [commonly know by my nick name as Raj].
Seeking your Nomination for the coming NEC election ‘Food Drink and Tobacco seat’
Membership 15437016 / 1393 Hotel Workers Branch
I have been a active trade unionist for more than 30 years continuously, since my early 20’s. My earlier years were spent working for Ford Motor Co for 12 years where I was a member of TGWU 1/1231 Branch during which time I was elected as a Senior shop-steward and H&S Rep.
I was made redundant from the motor industry as were 10,000’s others and I took a job in the Security Industry for G4S where I worked for 21 years. This sector was unregulated, with long hours and low pay and became a union rep and Branch Secretary and help improve TC's. After I was victimized there I had to leave the Industry.
I have accompanied members at hearings in B&Q, IKEA, TESCO, ASDA, and gave representation to workers at food preparation and packing company called Bakkavor as well as advicing catering staff at Harrods and Restaurant Associates and Pizza Express etc
Currently I dedicate my time to helping low paid workers in Hospitality sector, that included brand name companies such as Guoman, Thistle, Hilton and other Hotel Chains.
I support public sector workers fighting to retain their pensions provision and am involved in a campaign to stop the merger of NW Hospital Trusts and in defence our NHS. I believe Bankers who abuse the system should be punished and sent to jail.
I believe we have a duty to protect the old and Disabled workers, and all Remploy factories kept open and no cuts to DLA benefits.
In order to fight austerity we need a united front, between private, public and all our communities.
If I am successful in achieving the required number of nominations I shall be standing as a Grass Roots Left candidate and will fight for:
· Members in the food drink and Tobacco industry and all other Unite members
·  Retention and reinvestment of jobs in our industry and fighting to ensure no jobs are exported overseas.
·   Unite Officers to be elected by the members, not appointed.
·   Confronting anti-union and other unjust laws both UK and EU.
·   A fighting union not just campaigning, for jobs, terms and conditions and also at a political level for the working class.
    *  Public ownership and keeping public services.
    *  A General Secretary and other National Officers wages are pegged closer to that of members average earnings and not company Directors pay rates.
I ask for your nomination.