Sunday, 1 July 2012

If your Unite branch meets before July 13th please nominate Raj,

from derek wall and jerry hicks

If your Unite branch meets before July 13th please nominate Raj, details below. Please circulate this email to all your contacts as we do not have much time to secure the required number of nominations.........Keep on keeping on, Jerry. [07817827912] 
From Mr B. Gill [commonly know by my nick name as Raj].
Seeking your Nomination for the coming NEC election ‘Food Drink and Tobacco seat’
Membership 15437016 / 1393 Hotel Workers Branch
I have been a active trade unionist for more than 30 years continuously, since my early 20’s. My earlier years were spent working for Ford Motor Co for 12 years where I was a member of TGWU 1/1231 Branch during which time I was elected as a Senior shop-steward and H&S Rep.
I was made redundant from the motor industry as were 10,000’s others and I took a job in the Security Industry for G4S where I worked for 21 years. This sector was unregulated, with long hours and low pay and became a union rep and Branch Secretary and help improve TC's. After I was victimized there I had to leave the Industry.
I have accompanied members at hearings in B&Q, IKEA, TESCO, ASDA, and gave representation to workers at food preparation and packing company called Bakkavor as well as advicing catering staff at Harrods and Restaurant Associates and Pizza Express etc
Currently I dedicate my time to helping low paid workers in Hospitality sector, that included brand name companies such as Guoman, Thistle, Hilton and other Hotel Chains.
I support public sector workers fighting to retain their pensions provision and am involved in a campaign to stop the merger of NW Hospital Trusts and in defence our NHS. I believe Bankers who abuse the system should be punished and sent to jail.
I believe we have a duty to protect the old and Disabled workers, and all Remploy factories kept open and no cuts to DLA benefits.
In order to fight austerity we need a united front, between private, public and all our communities.
If I am successful in achieving the required number of nominations I shall be standing as a Grass Roots Left candidate and will fight for:
· Members in the food drink and Tobacco industry and all other Unite members
·  Retention and reinvestment of jobs in our industry and fighting to ensure no jobs are exported overseas.
·   Unite Officers to be elected by the members, not appointed.
·   Confronting anti-union and other unjust laws both UK and EU.
·   A fighting union not just campaigning, for jobs, terms and conditions and also at a political level for the working class.
    *  Public ownership and keeping public services.
    *  A General Secretary and other National Officers wages are pegged closer to that of members average earnings and not company Directors pay rates.
I ask for your nomination.

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