Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hi All,

I am emailing you as a matter of urgency, Acton Remploy are faced with closure very soon and the employees there have recently voted unanimously in favour of striking to resist it's closure.

There are 24 employees at this Remploy, all of which are disabled some of who are also on mandatory work schemes and so are unable to strike or will not receive their pay and they are calling for people to come out in a show of solidarity against the closure of their factory, which produces parts for the fire service.

This is a real dire situation and I am emailing all of my sources about this to try and support these disabled workers so please do pass this call to arms on via all modes of media - the bigger we make this protest the more chance they have of keeping their jobs and factory, they are even contemplating occupying the factory and last week their confidence grew by some of the support that they had been given by people coming to stand with them.
They are due to go out on the picket lines from 9am this Thursday and the address is:

Remploy,2 Portal Way ,Acton,LondonW3 6RT

Many thanks
Kind Regards,
Ryan Coley
Kingston and Surbiton Green Party Member

acknowledgements to Noel Lynch

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