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A) Our main recent concerns have been the production of a new GPTU leaflet. We were able to print 5000 copies, many were distributed at Autumn conference but there are more available on request from party HQ and they can be downloaded from (at present this entails opening a BOX account, if you don’t already have one). Thanks to the GPTU members whose donations made this possible and to the National and London Campaigns Committees for their financial support.

B) We ran a successful conference stall and would like to thank the TUC, Unite and UCU for giving us leaflets etc for the stall. PCS also had a conference stall.

C) We regret not being given a fringe slot as we had prepared a proposal for a fringe on European anti-austerity campaigns. We supported Green Left, who were also refused, a slot in running their meeting outside conference on “Ecosocialism and Austerity”. It is worth noting that this meeting drew a large audience despite being about a mile away from the main conference and competing with other meetings in the conference’s prime slot for fringes on Saturday evening. It is GPTU’s opinion that this suggests a flawed procedure for selecting fringes at thus conference.  (Video clips of the GL fringe  on

D) Otherwise our main focus has been on preparing for the October 20 TUC demo, we will be bringing the GPTU banner and working with the Campaigns Committee to distribute GP literature and placards at the event from 10am onwards at Temple station

E) We have just learnt that Christine Blower (General Secretary NUT), is offering to speak at our spring conference. GPTU and Green Left (and many other GP members), might well support the idea of a Plenary on education with Christine, a senior UCU rep, a senior GP person and an other.

F) Other (no less important), recent GPTU activities.

1) Support for London Metropolitan Uni students and UCU (lecturer’s union) branch against cuts which included possibility of deporting students.

2) Support for Workers at two schools in Sefton, Merseyside, facing a bizarre battle for
redundancy payments following the opening of a free school.

3) Support for Sheffield recycling workers' strike

4)  Support for protests against threatened cuts esp. in NW and SE London stalls and banner art several demos

5)  Support Ramblers Assn protest against threatened privatisation of National Trails.

6) Solidarity with the workers of Greece on General Strike,

7) Support for Barnfield FE College dispute GPTU members attended picket line

8) Support for Derby Climate Coalition: all day event in Derby on Saturday the 13th of October

GPTU REPORT to GPRC Meeting 31 MARCH – 1 APRIL 2012

1)     GPTU is not in receipt of any funding from GPTU, and is underfunded.
2)     GPTU leaflet has had a very good take up. NB this version uses the words ‘TRADES UNION’ prominently on the FrontPage, in response to public demand. We are considering updating content for a new version of the leaflet.
3)     Survey members to find out which unions belonged to, to be undertaken.
4)     GPEW Secretary had been approached by D. Murray re a letter from GPEW toTU’s.; had suggested insertion of para mentioning GPTU and its activities. No reply from Gpex regarding this.
5)     Louisa Greenbaum, (Conferences Committee) had contacted GPTU (PM) for union contacts for stalls for autumn conference. GPTU members, asked to help.
6)     Pensions dispute. UCU. PCS and NUT continue
7)     GPTU sent support to GPTU members standing in by-elections
8)     Sue Tibbles attended Women’s TUC Conference (14,15 & 16/3/12) content includes,) Women & Cuts, Pensions, Anti-ageism, Equalities, Health and Social Care Bill, Work and Climate Change, Education Privatisation, Railway Staff Cuts & numerous fringe meetings.

9)     Conference
a)     Population Matters had stall at Spring Conference inspire of GPTU protest to Conferences Committee. GPTU to protest again.
b)     GPTU supported Euro zone Crisis plenary on blog now posted at (
c)      Douglas Rouxel ( GPTU and ex UCU exec) gave a brief talk on “Greens and Trade Unions” to GPTU AGM Doug’s summary follows 

“I started by outlining what I saw as the issues for the Green party in their relationship with the unions, the lack of a full understanding of what a union is, what it does and how much synergy there is between broad union policy and GPEW policy, as well as the correlation with regards to a commitment to democratic and distributed decision making processes. I spoke that in my experience that there was not a full understanding of these similarities and that it should really be considered part of building the party to become involved in your union, to be putting the party’s arguments and positions, and to be working within to identify to those within the union the links between the two. 

I went on to talk about ways in which we can approach this, and solutions to the issue of union engagement, and how we can start to punch our weight in the trade union movement (compared to much smaller left parties who play a dominant role in the trade union movement). 
I proposed two specific things which we as GPTU, and indeed the wider party need to be doing, first and foremost an internal education, engagement and network building exercise - putting together an easy to use presentation and leaflet (if possible) so that someone local to a region can go round local party meetings, taking the issue of union engagement and speaking to members on the basis of encouraging them to take an active role, engaging in the wider union and using their membership to influence wider policy. 

Further to the education aspect, using this to build trade union networks within the party, on a union by union basis, so that once we get some kind of critical mass within a union we can start to make effective moves within the union to steer it's policies so that the synergies between the two organisations are realised, clarified and more formally aligned.  

I discussed the different ways in which unions political funds were used, how there was more to it than just giving money to the Labour party, that some of our (and GP Scotland) elected officials benefit from funding from the FBU on their much more open system of donations direct to politicians who support them, the potential for the PCS to move to a similar situation, but the possibility for it to be sewn up to a certain extent by the Socialist Party, who exercise an effective voting bloc on the PCS NEC. 

I finished by outlining that it was not just cash or activist time that we could be gaining from unions, but an effective raft of campaigning partners - trade unions have more members than all the political parties put together, an people are more inclined to join a union than a party, so in terms of campaigning to help change our society for the better, they make the ideal partners for the party.” 

d) GPTU AGM elected a new committee for 2012/13 (see

e) Motion to appoint Trade Union Liaison Officer to Gpex had been passed unamended.

f) Motion on defence of time for TU duties passed unamended.

10) Resignations from GPEW GPTU noted with regret that some GPTU members had left recently after resigning from the Green Party in protest against Brighton Council’s decision to set a cuts Budget. GPTU sympathised with their motives and noted that many of them had worked very hard to support and promote Unions and Trades Unionists within the Green Party. We still regard them as friend and comrades and hope to work with them again in future. 

11) There was now a vacancy for a GPEW STW rep.

12)  CoR and local anti cuts campaigns: CoR had recently sent a delegation to Greece (including Romayne Phoenix) which will be reporting back on 31/3/2012. P.Murry continues as GPEW CoR rep.

GPTU (&CoR) Report to GPRC January 2012

GPTU report to GPRC – Pete Murry                                              16 December 2011

1)     GPTU has been meeting monthly, in London and running a website, blog and Email list
2)     New GPTU leaflet produced and distributed
3)     Picketed Andrew Landsley’s appearance on Question Time with GPTU leaflet
4)      Support for Mark Campbell in UCU General Secretary election. UCU Left sent thanks for GPTU support
5)      Secretary written to Conferences Committee re Population Matters/OPT
6)      Appeal for funds for banner and leaflets.
7)      Formation of GP Disability Group discussed
8)      P.Murry had participated in staff Working Practices panel phone conference on 9/11 as GPRC rep with D.Murray, M.Cridge and An Other. And participating in continuing email exchanges.
9)      Support Nov 30 pensions strikes. Aim “Fair Pensions for All”. Further pensions strikes expected in 2012.
10)  GPTU agrees to support Mick Dooley in UCATT General Secretary elections
11)  Participated in public meeting with South African film maker Reshad Desai, Gracia Romero (WonW), Maria Neri from Conzarrd, an NGO focusing on agrarian reform and rural development in Mindanao, Philippines
12)  BAE dispute Agreed to endorse the Green left statement of support with Minor textual amendment (“workers at BAE should be employed in the SRUGGLE against climate change”).”
13)  Electricians dispute GPTU agrees to support see full details on
14)  GPTU agrees to support Fees and Cuts demo on Nov 9 And Living wage campaign atSouth Bank University.
15)  Intend to hold agm and run a stall at Conference. Will be recommending amendment of motion on TU’s and considering prioritization of motions.

Coalition of Resistance (CoR) report – Pete Murry
Currently 5 GP members (Romayne Phoenix (CoR Chair), James Youd (Treasurer GPTU rep), Joseph Healy (Green Left rep), Ann Garrett (London Fed rep), P.Murry (GP rep)). PM had attended two CoR meetings as at 16/12/2012. CoR was mainly engaged with support for Nov 30 and subsequent pension strikes. Also organizing conference with European anti-cuts campaigners.

Green Party Trades Union Group Report to GPRC March-July 2011 (P.Murry)
GPTU had met on a monthly basis (as is its usual practice) in London

GPTU Disability Rep (Alan Wheatley) had reported that the “Hardest Hit" march had been well attended with some GP members present, Caroline Lucas lobbied.

There had also been GPTU support for local and national anti cuts campaigns including support for the March 26 TUC day of action and the June 30 ATL/NUT/PCS/UCU strike against pension cuts.

Caroline Lucas’ statement of support for the latter dispute (blogged on had been very timely and was reported to have generarted expressions of interest in joining GP via GPTU from Trades Unionsists. GPTU is therefore considering appealing for funds for a new leaflet, (existing stocks were almost exhausted) as part of recruitement drive.

Gptu had supported some GP conference motions (C21. One Million Jobs, C24. Removing the Special Status of the Corporation of London, C35. Industrial Policy Enabling Motion, D46. Coalition of Resistance, D48. Making the Green Party a Model Employer), and was organizing a stall and a Fringe on “One Million Climate Jobs

GPTU was sending Reps to the Coalition of Resistance Conference on 9/6/2011 and supporting this motion:
“We call on CoR to use all possible influence to persuade those Trade Unions who favour the use and expansion of Nuclear power that this is a false solution to Climate Change offering only the prospect of pollution and damage for future generations. We also call on CoR to lobby the UK government to decommission all existing nuclear power stations and to ensure, in conjunction with Trades unions, that all workers in the nuclear industries are offered a just transition to employment in more ecologically friendly industries.”

GPTU Website was in the process of a redesign.

GPtu REPORT to Green party regional Council 2010 by Joseph Healy
New committee elected at conference with Andy Hewett and Teresa Delaney (London) elected as Co-Chairs, Pete Murry (London) as Secretary and Joseph Healy (London) as Treasurer. Regional reps also elected. Other officers are: Campaigns & Events officer: Sue TibblesMembership Secretary: Noel LynchYouth &: Students officer: Zain Sardar,Disability Rep: Alan WheatleyRegional Reps:Romayne Phoenix (London), Phelim Mac Cafferty, (Brighton & South) and Elise Benjamin. (Oxford ) Also Paul Frost (E.Mids)elected during 2008/9, Peter Allen (NW), Andrew Collingwood (NE), James Youd (E. Anglia)

Fringe meeting organised at conference on Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom with NUJ speaker. Video clips of conference fringes on the website.GPTU very involved with campaigns in London for migrant workers rights and for Latin American trade unionists sacked by banks and London University for organising workers. Also joined picket lines at Heathrow airport for UNITE cabin crew and pickets and marches for UCU members protesting against education cuts. I addressed a picket line at King’s College London of UCU members.

Also joined picket lines during PCS strike of public service workers – in Brighton six Green councillors on picket line and Caroline Lucas also. Centrally involved in organising the March for Jobs in Brighton where Caroline Lucas was also marching. Cllr Phoenix in Lewisham has been in contact with Mark Serwotka, PCS General Secretary. PCS literature is giving positive coverage to Greens in general election etc. Phelim Mac Cafferty and Pip Tindall have been very active in Brighton.

GPTU is writing a new leaflet on workers’ rights and is also very involved in today’s march to save the Welfare State and the NHS organised by the trade union movement. We asked for a speaker at today’s march but were told that no political party speakers could address the rally only trade unionists.

FBU made a contribution to London Green Party and contacts with other unions continue. Housmans bookshop in London have also agreed to have a link to our website on theirs and vice versa – they are a long established radical bookshop near Kings Cross station.

Conferences Committee being asked to try and have trade union stalls at future conferences. I attended South East Region TUC LGBT History Month event (new films) at Congress House. Teresa Delaney spoke at an event for International Women’s Day in Oxford on ‘Fashion, Beauty and the Market’, where Sue Tibbles also played a role. Members also involved in a major demo in London to save the A&E at the Whittington Hospital in north London.
Members also attended the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Conference in Camden, London and speeches from this are on the website. Messages of support have also been sent to support trade unionists being oppressed in other countries (Iran etc).

Website is

Next meeting is May 25th in London.

Joseph Healy (GPRC Rep for GPTU)

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