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Curzon Cinemas and BECTU sign voluntary recognition agreement ---

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--- Curzon Cinemas and BECTU sign voluntary recognition agreement ---

Curzon Cinemas and the BECTU union yesterday (13 January) signed a voluntary recognition agreement. The recognition of Curzon employees' right to union representation is the fulfilment of one of this campaign's main aims.

This means Curzon will recognise BECTU for negotiation and consultation on behalf of the 150 employees in its cinemas. The union and company will co-operate towards achieving shared objectives for the commercial success of the business. We are continuing to call on Curzon Cinemas to pay their employees a Living Wage.

Philip Knatchbull, chief executive of Curzon, said:
“We welcome this opportunity for our colleagues to be represented by BECTU. This agreement is the culmination of several weeks of constructive dialogue with BECTU, during which we were able to identify a great deal of common ground. The management team at Curzon welcomes the knowledge and enthusiasm that all employees contribute to making our cinema experience special and we want to reward them as well as we can. We have a commitment to pay the Living Wage, in London and outside of the capital, as soon as we are able to do so without it tipping the company from its current break even position into loss making. We are working on plans to increase revenues to enable us to move to the Living Wage and we are looking forward to working with BECTU to achieve this."

Gerry Morrissey, general secretary of BECTU said:
"Everyone at BECTU is delighted that we were able to conclude our constructive discussions with Curzon Cinemas, and today sign a voluntary recognition agreement with the company. We look forward to working with the company to ensure that all employees are paid a Living Wage when possible."
A huge thank you for your support over the last year which has helped us achieve this brilliant milestone. As mentioned by representatives of both Curzon and BECTU above, we are all looking forward to the next step of the journey - moving to payment of a Living Wage to employees.

You can read the full BECTU press release here:
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  1. Excellent news for Curzon employees and great to here Curzon are determined to provide the Living Wage. We'll be looking to add this agreement to BECTU's profile on