Sunday, 26 January 2014

GPTU and Green Left and Islington Greens support the Islington Free School strikers

The Green Party Trade Union group and Green Left both send solidarity to the Islington Free School strikers. GL and GPTU both oppose Free schools but we believe that al l employers should recognise the Unions chosen by workers as their representatives and that workers are right to oppose any attempts to impose new contracts unilaterally or intimidate workers into accepting them. We trust that Green Party members locally and nationally will also support the strike.

Victory for the  Islington Free School strikers.

P.Murry Secretary GPTU

Green Left, the eco-socialist group within the Green Party, sends a message of solidarity and support to teachers striking for union recognition at Stem  6. Social justice demands that workers have the right to organise in the workplace and recognition by employers in order to negotiate to  protect and enhance working conditions.

We applaud your courageous collective refusal to obey the instruction to attend 1:1 interviews with the principal of the college, chair of governors and the chief executive of the sponsor.

We note the importance of your struggle as the first to take place in a free school when such schools are actively undermining hard won conditions of service including sick pay, maternity pay and pay progression.

Martin Francis PP Green Left


Myself and Ernestas- teacher and fellow target ward candidate in Islington will be attending the picket.(details at

Any other Greens interested- get in touch.

Charlie Kiss
Twitter @charliekiss
07808 932 618
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