Thursday, 11 September 2008

UCU derecognised at Nottingham Trent University

Nottingham Trent University has formally terminated recognition of UCU in a direct attack on independent trade unionism on the campus.

The university has been attempting to rewrite the recognition agreement for months, proposing a set of radically inferior arrangements that would see the campus unions marginalised in favour of a 'consultation and information forum' that would include non-union representation, while facility time for reps would be cut by a staggering 80%.

UCU has attempted to negotiate with the university but managers have refused to move one inch from these proposals and on Friday, they formally terminated the recognition agreement with three months notice, a full six months less than is stipulated in the agreement!

Further information is available on the NTU branch website.

Support your colleagues at Nottingham Trent. This is an attack not just on UCU members at Nottingham Trent, but on all UCU members everywhere. The managers of every university and every college in the country will be watching.

Members' solidarity has already helped to erode management intransigence at another university recently. We need your help again now. Please take a couple of minutes to sign the branch's online petition below.

Please also send the branch messages of support. Email your message to now and we will forward them on.


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