Wednesday, 24 September 2008

The Green Alternative. Caroline Lucas, Guardian letter on Academy schools (24/9/2008)

Rod Aldridge accuses me of distorting the facts about the loss of special needs facilities at the proposed academy school in Brighton (Letters, September 17). The reality is that an existing special needs centre serving children across the city will be replaced by a smaller facility simply for students at the school. And the proposed football stadium car park will be built on part of the existing school site, so the school will have less land as a result.

Yes, he has said the academy will follow the council's admissions procedures for a little while - but he could change his mind at any time, leaving one of the most deprived areas of the city without a single LEA-run community secondary school.

The Green alternative is simple: the government should stop blackmailing communities by offering them school improvements only if they hand over control and management from local authorities to private businesses and Labour donors. It should properly fund community schools, however they are run.

Dr Caroline Lucas MEPLeader, Green party

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