Wednesday, 10 September 2008

MIGRANT WORKERS "No one is illegal"

GPTU Fringe 6/8/2008 at GREEN PARTY CONFERENCE September 2008 MIGRANT WORKERS "No one is illegal"

Speakers:Teresa Hayter and Bob Hughes

Teresa Hayter is an activist and writer and a long-standing anti-racist campaigner. She has been active since 1993 in the campaign to close Campsfield immigration detention centre, is one of the authors of the No One Is Illegal manifesto and a member of the National Union of Journalists. She has written seven books including Aid as Imperialism and Open Borders: The Case Against Immigration Controls.

Bob Hughes is an activist, writer and teacher, currently researching the relationships between the global high-technology industries, insecure and migrant labour, wealth inequalities, and their human and environmental impacts. He is a member of the Campaign to Close Campsfield and a co-author of the No One Is Illegal Manifesto. He also teaches part-time at Oxford Brookes University. Web site:

Thanks to Payam Torabi for arranging speakers and chairing the meeting

Teresa Hayter
Bob Hughes (part 1)
Bob Hughes (part 2)
Questions & discussions (part 1)
Questions & discussions (part 2)
Questions & discussions (part 3)

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