Monday, 18 January 2016

Trade Union bIll and on-line voting

The government has nearly succeeded in pushing through its anti-democratic Trade Union Bill, without one crucial reform. The government wants to stop trade union members from voting via the internet on whether to take industrial action.
The government is refusing to budge, but there is a chance we can force it to reconsider. The Bill is about to go before a committee of MPs for line-by-line scrutiny. This still gives us the chance to force the government to make amendments and allow simple, secure online voting.
The government is hoping to make it really hard for trade union members to legally go on strike. It doesn’t want anything in the Bill that could make it easier for ordinary trade union members to vote, like using online voting.
So here’s the plan: We’re going to hold our very own online ballot! That way we can show the government just how silly its position is, and hopefully force it to back down.
Do you think trade unions should have the right to use online voting?
The government knows that by allowing online voting, it will increase turnout and make ballots more legitimate. That’s why it’s refusing to modernise the rules. It claims that online voting isn’t secure. If we can do our banking online, pay our taxes online and apply for a passport or driving licence, then a few simple clicks registering a vote should be pretty simple.
Strikes aren’t always the most popular thing with the public, but they are an important tool to make bad bosses behave better. Without the ability to strike, it would allow big corporations to roll back decades of improvements to our working lives, like decent pensions, protection from unfair dismissal and stopping discrimination at work.
By voting, you will show the government that its position makes no sense and it will have to include online balloting in the bill. If we can force online voting into the Bill, then we will help workers up and down the country who work for bad bosses by making sure they can legally strike and fight for their rights. Cast your votes now!
Do you think trade unions should have the right to use online voting?
Thanks for all you do,
Martin, Hanna, Fatah, Sondhya, Kat and the rest of us.

More information:

The trade union bill sounds the death knell for workers' rights, Politics Online, January 12 2016
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