Sunday, 10 January 2016



"Stand with the Junior Doctors  and show them our support.. This is our NHS and we will fund it for each other. We will resist the drive to a reduced and underfunded service, and any further drive to privatisation" 
 Romayne Phoenix, Green Party Trade Union Liaison Officer

On Tuesday 1st December Junior Doctors across the UK will commence industrial action against the Governments continued threat of imposition of an unsafe new Contract. This is the last resort in an attempt to prevent the Imposition of a contract that  would endanger, patient care and the NHS for a generation.

Junior Doctors and the BMA (British Medical Association), have not done this lightly.  Doctors have balloted on this action and gained a 98% vote for strike action. This shows how seriously they take the provision of a proper health service. They are united in the hope that this action will protect the NHS for future generations.

The Junior Doctors’ aim is to picket all major hospitals in England on all three days of proposed action: Tuesday 12 January,Tuesday  26 January, &; Wednesday 10 February. Pickets will be near the main entrances and will start at 8am, continuing until at least 12.30pm, many pickets will continue in the evening, Along with the pickets there will be parallel “Meet The Doctors” events at these tube stations as well as nearby public spaces.

The Green Party sees the main cause of environmental crisis as being the way businesses and governments treat everyone and everything on the planet as things to be exploited for profit. All Green Party policies aim to bring about major changes in politics and economics The TU group and the Green Party have supported unions in dispute such as the NUT, UCU FBU, PCS RMT,GMB  and Unison. Our elected representatives have fought for workers’ rights from local level to the European Parliament.

The Green Party has consistently opposed anti-union laws and will seek their repeal at the earliest opportunity. The Green Party Trades Union Group is affiliated to the Campaign for the Repeal of the Anti-Trade Union Laws .

Ø     Opposes privatisation and PFI schemes
Ø     Campaigns for fair pay and decent conditions
Ø     Opposes the sale/privatisation of council housing and demands affordable social housing.
Ø     Campaigns for investment in public transport within a publicly controlled, integrated transport system.
Ø     Supports public services such as health and education funded through taxation, with the well off paying their fair share.
Ø     Campaigns for fair trade
Ø     Supports a Basic income for the unwaged which would remove means testing, Job Centre bullying and pressure to take low paid jobs.
Ø     Encourages unorganised, temporary and migrant workers to join a union


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