Friday, 30 October 2015

People's Assembly Against Austerity Rally and March

The People's Assembly Against Austerity


It's not going well for the Tories. They've faced a humiliation over their plans to cut Tax Credits, Cameron's pre election lies have damaged their credibility & public opinion is turning against them.

Despite the Tax Credits bill being rejected in the House of Lords, the Government have said they will still go ahead with the cuts. Yesterday David Cameron refused to answer Jeremy Corbyn's question over Tax Credit Cuts six times during Prime Minister's Questions. He refused to say whether hard working families would be left worse off come April. Cameron said we have to wait until Osborne delivers his Autumn Statement for further details. This simply isn't good enough.

The Tories still plan to cut billions from the welfare bill, to privatise our services and to drive millions into poverty.

Before the Autumn Statement there are two important events in London:

Rally: Saturday 21 November

London Rally: Building the Fight Against Austerity
Central Hall Westminster 1pm - 5pm
Organised by the Trade Union Coordinating Group and supported by The People's Assembly
Entrance by ticket only - click here to book
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Speakers include:
John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor; Yanis Varoufakis, Former Finance Minister, Greece; plus representatives of unions and campaign organisations.

Protest: Tuesday 24 November

Tories: Out of Credit - Out of Office Now
Assemble 6pm Trafalgar Square, march to Downing Street for rally
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The People's Assembly is calling a National Day of Action on the eve of the Autumn Statement. Join us


Saturday 5 December
People's Assembly Annual Conference

It's time for everyone who wants to see a change to come together once more and decide how we create a movement that can stop austerity in it's tracks. Whether you've been central to the organisation, or if you just want to find out how you can get more involved, join us and help decide how we get rid of this government before 2020. Tickets and more information here

The People's Assembly Against Austerity

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