Thursday, 8 October 2015

London Federation of Green Parties SPEAKERS' meeeting 29/9/2015: "Greens, Trade Unions/"NHS/Whistleblowing"/NUCLEAR POWER

P.Murry:Trade Unions and the Greens.P.Murry is Secretary of the Green Party Trade Union group (gptu), has been a trade unionist for most of his working life, including being a tu branch officer in NATFHE (now known as the University and Colleges Union) and is currently Trade Union Liaison Officer for Brent Green Party also at Published on 8 Oct 2015 Elizabeth Cotton. "NHS/Whistleblowing" London Federation of Green Parties, Speakers' meeting 29/9/2015. Elizabeth's talk will look at the state of health and social care in the UK from the perspective of the people that deliver those services. From whistleblowing to bullying the working culture in the NHS has been described as operating under a 'pervasive culture of fear'. This talk will look at the systemic and workplace factors that are keeping people from speaking up about what's happening to health and social care. We will also look at how people survive working in the sector. Elizabeth Cotton is a writer and educator working on precarious work and mental health. She is an academic at Middlesex University and runs and writes a column Battles on the NHS Frontline: Surviving Work in health and social care for the As part of this work she is collecting anonymous Stories from the Frontline which can be submitted to Elizabeth is currently working on her new book Surviving Work: How to Manage Working in Health and Social Care, Gower 2016. If you would like to contact her anonymously to talk about your experiences of working in health and social care please contact her on or visit also at Paul Ingram on NUCLEAR POWER.Paul Ingram Executive Director British American Security Information Council (BASIC) Web: Twitter: @basic_int also at TU's, NHS/Whistleblowing and nuclear power:questions and discussion also at


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