Friday, 6 June 2014

The Kew - A Cut Too Far campaign

Dave Plummer (Green Party) 

The Kew - A Cut Too Far campaign are handing in their petition on Monday in Downing Street.

The campaign's got support from PCS, Prospect, The GMB, David Attenborough and Alan Titchmarsh.

Even though the petition's going to be handed in by Zac Goldsmith (Tory - Kew's in his patch) it's a very Green Party campaign as it covers botany and public services.

Have we been supporting the campaign, promoting the petition, issued statements etc? It'd be a bit cheeky to turn up if we haven't but I'd hope that we have! I genuinely don't know.

The campaign site's here:

The PCS press release is here:

If anybody plans to go along please let me know and I'll rustle up a placard or two.

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