Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Please support the former nhs healthcare workers in Doncaster

Rustam Majainah11:20pm Jun 3
Hi all, just received this in the Green Party's facebook inbox. Is there anyone in the area who can get in touch with them?

Please support the former nhs healthcare workers in Doncaster who are taking industrial action against a tory party donating company called care UK ,who are being given nhs contracts all over the country. Another person with a vested interest in care UK is Sir Stuart rose the tory appointed nhs advisor ,surely a conflict of interest. They are taking this action against savage cuts to their pay and the service they provide which the company is trying to impose since taking over from rdash last year (another nhs service gone) they have set up a page on Facebook called "Doncaster supported living unison strike" and are currently looking at ways of fundraising for this cause.so if you have any ideas or just want to offer a bit of much needed solidarity please pay them a visit . The fightback to save the nhs and hold these greedy corporate pigs to account attacking already low paid men and women is starting here. PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1465854936976109 please support the teachers and any other public service being given away to tory party donors

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