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Support for Land Registry strike

Support for Land Registry strike (from

9 May 2014
Our campaign to resist government attempts to privatise the Land Registry has been backed through messages of support sent to our striking members.
Save Land Reg House cost comment
Our members working for the Land Registry are holding a two-day strike next week - 14-15 May - against privatisation, job cuts and office closures.
We have organised a massive campaign, with the support of industry professionals and MPs, against proposals to privatise the Land Registry. 

Right to resist

Supporters have contacted us to back our members' action.
Sally Hunt, general secretary, University and College Union, said: "The Land Registry is a trusted institution and its staff provide vital impartial work. The government’s idea that private companies can come in and run public services better is certainly not backed up by evidence.
"We are seeing real efforts to allow private companies take a bigger stake in education and access taxpayers’ money. We will continue to oppose those efforts and PCS is right to resist attempts to privatise such important work in the civil service, and has our full support."
Andrea Marsh, branch secretary of the PCS north region Ordnance Survey branch, said: "Please accept our message of support on solidarity from Ordnance Survey Branch. Our members work in tandem every day with Land Registry staff and we are also about to face the same challenges in the future, so we fully appreciate your stance."

Ideological attack

Blaydon MP Dave Anderson said: "I'm delighted to give my support but saddened, if not surprised, by the actions of this lousy government in treating public servants and the crucial work you do in this way.
"It is all part of their desire to use the economic recession as a cover for their ideological attack on public services and those who deliver them. I urge all people of goodwill to see through this subterfuge and give their support to the workers who keep this country civilised."
Our Home Office group sent this message of support to their Land Registry colleagues: "Your members are right to be angry, your members are right to fight to seek to protect jobs and keep the Land Registry in the public sector.
"Through the efforts of your reps and members the dispute has gained a large amount of publicity and many within our union, the wider union movement and the general public are watching carefully how your dispute pans out. 
"You are doing the general public a service by raising these issues and your members deserve praise for their conviction to fight for what is right."
Plymouth MP Alison Seabeck, speaking in parliament yesterday, called the plans a "total sham". 

What you can do 

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