Sunday, 11 May 2014

People’s Assembly meeting 10/5/14

People’s Assembly meeting 10/5/14
Notes by P.Murry: some salient points

Press Officer: David Peel (Morning Star ) responsibilities for PAAA press releases and media training

Currently 100+ local groups from all over UK good spread represented at this meeting.

Soas cleaners: victory reported ( ).

Doncaster care workers: on strike for 28 days ( Solidarity pickets of Fatface clothes shops and Pret a Manger considered.

PCS strike against Land Registry privatisation 14/15 May (

PAAA demo 21 June ( climate change block (amongst others) proposed for march, including GPEW, Green peace, FoE, cacc etc?
(c 20 member organising committee appointed, R.Phoenix & Steve Turner, (Unison)  co-chairs).

Large strike being organised for 10 July possibly includes Unison. Unite, NUT.PCS

August Jarrow-London People’s march organised by 999 NHS emergency

28/9 demo at Tory conference, brum.

TUC national demo 10/10

PAAA Finances seem healthy but more dosh always needed.

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