Tuesday, 11 March 2014

RIP Bob Crow.

RIP Bob Crow.

The Green Party Trade Union group sends its condolences to family, friends and to RMT members for the loss of Bob Crow. He was an able and tenacious Trade unionist who consistently defended the pay and conditions of his members during a period when they are subject to a sustained anti-union assault. Furthermore in defending transport workers he was also a friend to the travelling public as the threats to his members also often meant increased safety problems for passengers, a consideration that privatised profit oriented managements were and are often anxious to brush aside.

Not all Greens or all socialists saw eye to eye with Bob on every issue, but we can pay tribute to him because, under his leadership the RMT, as well as working for its members, supported workers throughout the world in its international solidarity work. Also under his leadership the RMT was freed from its ties to Labour and its sections became able to support movements and parties that offered more than a watered down version of neo-liberalism.

Greens should be proud to say that we stand with him in the call to renationalise the railways and will continue to do so.

We have lost a champion at a time when we need to follow his example more than ever.

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