Monday, 17 March 2014

an email from Unison asking me to join a leafletting campaign for the Labour Party.

 Today I recieved an email from Unison asking me to  join a leafletting campaign for the Labour Party.

I wanted to complain so I asked my branch secretary who to send an email to.

He replied: don't pay into the APF. Entirely up to you whether you go on to state that you're in fact an active member of and council candidate for the Green Party, which promotes policies that are much closer to UNISON's own on a whole range of critical issues, than the current programme of the Labour Party.

which I found amusing and had to share!

* I would strongly recommend that when unions ask us to campaign for the Labour Party that we reply accordingly.

I have now emailed Unison.

and emailed people in my shop asking them to also ask to be removed from the list as well if they are not supporters of the Labour party

Charlie Kiss- Unison Shop Steward
Islington Green Party

Gp-tu mailing list

Charlie, many thanks for this information. Was the email sent to UNISON
members in your region only? I don't think I have received a similar email
sent to UNISON members in South East, although SE region has included a
great big Labour Link section in the latest regional Campaigner newsletter
sent to activists with an article (a.k.a. self promotion) written by the
female Labour MEP candidate for South East, which has been duly forwarded
to Keith Taylor's office so he knows about it.
Will keep a look out for the email and reply accordingly.
 Best wishes, Sue

to Suegptu
Hi Sue,

Sorry. Yes this was a London region email.

They have now apologised and said it was sent to me in error..
Without answering the other points of course.


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