Sunday, 2 February 2014

message from The Campaign Against Tube Privatisation (CATP)

Steve Cushion Dear All Here is a message from The Campaign Against Tube Privatisation (CATP) in support of the RMT / TSSA strikes next week. +++++++++++++

Steve Cushion +++++++++++++ Dear everyone, The latest CATP leaflet is attached.

We had excellent response from the public at Archway Tube last Friday evening.

ON MONDAY, 3RD FEB, WE ARE HAVING A BIG LEAFLETTING SESSION AT FINSBURY PARK TUBE 4 - 5pm. Please join us! We'll start at the Wells Terrace exit and,as more CATP supporters arrive, some can move to other exits. Do please send the leaflet around all your friends and contacts.

 We'd like to hear which stations YOU would like help in leafletting. Someone suggested Warren St. Could anyone else get there? Where's your local station? Do let us know. Remember we'll need to leaflet in between the 2 strikes so far declared. On the first morning of the strikes, I'd suggest you could go to your nearest Tube station to show solidarity with RMT and TSSA strikers if they have a picket-line there. Take some of the CATP leaflets with you to give out with you. In case you need my number it's 07748 311 769

 In Solidarity, Jan for CATP

London Underground (LU), chaired by London Mayor Boris Johnson, plan to close all ticket offices on the tube by 2015. These disastrous cuts are starting now with over 950 station staff jobs to go; these cuts and more will continue until 2021. So who will be available to help passengers?
As passengers, we need trained staff who can help disabled and older people. Passenger safety is at risk as a completely mechanised ticket service means that no- one is there to help with ticket queries. It will be a mugger’s paradise on deserted staff- less stations.  

Boris Johnson promised, before his election, to stop planned ticket office closures and people believed him. Now he supports the closure of ALL ticket offices. LU has already been reducing the number of maintenance checks on vital equipment and now station supervisors are to be cut on many stations. The cuts will disproportionally hit outer suburban stations, home to many Tory voters.  

The Campaign Against Tube Privatisation (CATP), and the unions RMT and TSSA have been opposing tube privatisation since it began in the eighties. Some private companies went bankrupt, Metronet for example, as their main priority was the profits of their shareholders rather than the people of London. Yet Transport for London (TfL) and LU still put contracts out to private companies. Fares have risen far above inflation but passengers would much rather see fares cut than services. For too long, Boris Johnson has postponed making the tube accessible for more disabled passengers. Under Boris, many stations have acquired more shops rather than access which requires staff on platforms and trains to operate boarding ramps, for example.   

This massive attack on the service will result in the RMT and TSSA together holding two 48- hour strikes on 4th- 6th February and 11th- 13th February. It is hardly surprising to find that disabled people’s and pensioners groups are supporting the strikes. 

Boris plans to have Olympic- style helpers to act as scab labour. Are they trained in health and safety or how to assist disabled passengers? No! Can they deal with broken ticket machines? No! 


# Let Boris Johnson know your views.  Contact him at
#Ask your union branch or community group to support the rail unions’ stand against these cuts.  
#Join us in leafletting the public or take leaflets for your friends and workmates.
#Display this leaflet on noticeboards at work, in community centres etc.
#Sign the petition: off-london-transport 

The Campaign Against Tube Privatisation (CATP) campaigns for a publicly- owned, safe, accessible, affordable and reliable tube network with trained staff.  You can contact CATP on 07946 284089

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