Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Edinburgh College, good news!

Dear sister/brother,

Thank you so much for your message of support/donation to the Edinburgh College lecturers' strike. We are please to report that, thanks to the solidarity given and the determination of EIS members to defend our conditions and the education service through indefinite strike action, we have had a successful result. The initial plans of management would have involved a major increase in workload, adding to the already high levels of stress, and producing a serious deterioration in provision.

Knowing that we had widespread backing, our strike was solid. The branch membership of 453 rose by 60 people, and each day saw larger numbers on the picket line with fewer classes being run. After only three days of all-out strike action the management climbed down. We have not only protected all our conditions, but seen a cut in teaching workload for some lecturers of 8%, and a pay increase over two years averaging 7%, with 22% for the lowest paid. 

The general lesson for us is that unity and solidarity wins. Please pass our heartfelt thanks to your members.

Yours fraternally,

Penny Gower
EIS-FELA branch secretary, Edinburgh College

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