Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Victory at Langdon Park(?)

NUT members at Langdon School, Newham have agreed to suspend further strikes and return to work on Wednesday 14 December, following a series of important concessions by officers of the Local Authority in the last few days.

The overwhelmingvote was taken at a strikers' meeting on Tuesday following a thorough evaluation of what was being offered. The range of measures to allay their grievances concerning excessive workloadand oppressive management will come into force immediately.

But the NUT is equally clear that more strikes will be called if the measures do not work. The dispute will only be settled when all staff grievances have been thoroughly addressed.

NUT NEC member Nick Grant said that:

"This is an excellent result. Mass scabbing organised by the school managers could not break the solidarity of Langdon's majority of teachers, 70 of whom struck again today."

"Collective action has forced previously compliant Council officers to act as well as decreasing parents' confidence in the head teacher."

"Strikers in turn are very grateful for the hundreds of messages  received from across the UK. This is not the end of the dispute, but should go a very long way to redressing the core injustices felt by teachers."

A joint public statement is expected from the NUT and Newham Local Authority tomorrow.

acknowledgements to Martin francis

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