Monday, 5 December 2011


"We are appalled at developments in the dispute at Langdon School in Newham, east London, which started over issues of workload and oppressive management.

The head has employed up to 46 scab supply teachers and brought them in to try to break a lawful, balloted strike by NUT members at the school. Worse still the local authority, and a Labour one at that, has put this strikebreaking force on temporary local authority contracts when they scab.

This shocking move is unprecedented in education disputes and the employment of a strike breaking force has shades of Rupert Murdoch's union busting tactics under Thatcher's government in the mid 1980s.
We totally condemn this move and see it as a threat to every trade unionist.

We call upon all our unions and organisations to ensure the widest possible condemnation of the head and Newham local authority and to work for the fullest possible solidarity with the Langdon School NUT to beat this attack on the basic trade union right to take legal industrial action."


Noel Lynch - Chair, London Green Party and Green Party London Assembly Candidate
Peter Murry - Secretary, Green Party Trade Union Group, UCU
Martin Francis - NUT, Brent Green Party, School Governor.
Doug Rouxel - South East Essex Green Party, UCU NEC.
Joseph Healy - Green Party Trade Union Group Treasurer, UNITE Voluntary Sector.
Paul Philo - Brighton Green Party.
Owen Clayton - York Green Party.
Lynton North, West Devon Green Party
Tom Maltby Green Party TU Group / Hackney. UNISON /TUC
Will Duckworth - NASUWT member
Derek Wall Green Left Committee
Malcolm Bailey Green Left Committee
Romayne Phoenix Green Left Committee, Coalition of Resistance Chair, Lewisham GP
Howard Thorp Green Left Committee
Jim McGinley Green Left, GPTU, NUT
Josiah Mortimer University of York Green Party
tony matthews cardiff and vale GP

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