Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Sotheby's strike in NY

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Subject: Urgent Solidarity Request for London Organizers Network
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 13:24:01 -0400
From: Banks Andy

I am writing to ask your assistance on an important Teamsters campaign against the Sotheby's auction house in New York, where a group of 40 workers - mostly people of color - have been locked out of their jobs by an institution that caters to the decadence of the world's richest families, individuals and corporations; and, whose Board of Directors includes the likes of James Murdoch. I have attached a fact sheet about the lock out which has passed the 60th day. (websiteishttp://www.SothebysBadForArt.com) Once again, the world's wealthy have returned to the time-honored tactic attempting to starve their workers into submission.

Sotheby's hired the notorious union busting law firm, Jackson Lewis, to master mind their strategy. Their wealthy clientele sit on the boards of museums, ballet companies and operas. These favorite "charities"
controlled by New York's elite also serve as tax shelters while legitimate providers of government social services are being cut. One in five New Yorkers live in poverty and the number is even more dramatic for families of color.

One thing we have found in our campaign is that the wealthy elite do not want to be called out publicly. We have demonstrated and hand-billed their gala fundraisers and even key auctions. Sources inside Sotheby's tell us this is having an impact on Sotheby's. For this reason we are trying to demonstrate at other Sotheby's locations around the world.

On October 13^th , Sotheby's London is conducting their biggest auction of the Fall season and we are asking the British labor movement to help us organize a spirited demonstration at Sotheby's so that all auction-goers will at least get a taste of the discomfort that the 40 families of locked-out workers feel by going without a paycheck for two months.

We are planning on sending locked-out members, local union leaders and Teamster campaign staff to London on October 9^th to help organize this event. I was wondering if we could meet with union activists in London members to ask for their support and let them hear first-hand how America's wealthy ruling elite is waging war of workers.

Thanks for any assistance or suggestions.



If you can help please contact Jane Holgate jane.holgate1@btinternet.com

Andy Banks

International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Director, Campaigns Unit

Deputy Director, Strategic Research and Campaigns Department

+1.202.497.5663 cell phone

+1.202.624.8700 office

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