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Reinstate Abdul Omer Mohsin

Monday, November 7 · 9:00am - 10:00am

Radius House
51 Clarendon Road WD17 1HU
Watford, United Kingdom

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Abdul Omer Mohsin, the Unite convenor at London Sovereign buses, was sacked in March 2010.

He played a leading role in organising workers at Sovereign, first as a rep, then as convenor. They are the lowest paid drivers in the capital.

Abdul became a leading figure in Unite’s London Bus Campaign. He led successful industrial action at Sovereign at the beginning of 2009.

His leadership attracted the attention of Sovereign management.

He was first suspended by the company over an incident at the Harrow garage. An anti-fascist poster put up by Abdul Omer advertising a demo backed by Unite was ripped down. He was then reinstated, with no charges brought against him.

His eventual sacking followed his defence of a worker at a disciplinary hearing.

Abdul has suffered severe health problems and financial difficulties since his dismissal.

Unite have backed the campaign for Abdul’s reinstatement. His sacking is seen by the union as a case of victimisation. Unite’s general secretary Len McCluskey has offered his “100 percent support”.

Drivers at Sovereign have refused to elect a new convenor to replace Abdul and are still calling for his reinstatement.

At the start of October they voted for a ballot on action to reinstate Abdul Omer, linked to their present pay campaign.


Abdul’s victimisation is an issue for every trade unionist. The Tories and the employers are using the economic crisis to attack trade unionists and trade union rights.

We have to defend union reps if we’re to stop the onslaught on our pay, conditions and jobs.

Abdul has an Employment Tribunal on 7-11 November. Unite are funding his legal representation.

Supporters have called for a protest on the first day of the hearing. Bring union and campaign banners, show your support – defend the right to organise!

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