Monday, 8 November 2010

US/ UCU demo 'Fund Our Future' is this Wednesday, 10th November

The joint NUS/ UCU demo 'Fund Our Future' is this Wednesday, 10th November. Assembly will be at 11:30am Horse Guards Avenue in London and the march will begin at 12.30 through Westminster and past the Palace of Westminster.Nearest tube: Westminster. Alternatively, if you live in London, you can meet LSE YGs on Houghton Street 1t 11:30. (Contact Zain:07950458207)

The demonstration is a protest against government plans for tuition fees to increase to on average £6,000, with the prospect of the elite and most prestigious Universities being able to increase their fees to a maximum £9,000.

This is an onslaught on Higher Education and will ensure that not only those from the wealthiest backgrounds will be able to go to University, but also only those from the academic elite as Universities with less well developed commercial services and with less prestigious academic traditions will struggle to continue to attract those students from more impoverished backgrounds (like Middlesex University and London Met) as well as cover the cost of teaching cuts.

At the moment we need more public funding in HE, not less..please join us if you can.

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