Thursday, 18 November 2010

Reply from Chairman = NO

From Darren

Here is Brian Coleman's response to the formal question I tabled at today's Fire Authority meeting, requesting an investigation into injuries to firefighters excercising their legal right to strike.

(i) Question 257 from Councillor Darren Johnson AM (Green Party):
Will the Chairman request the Commissioner undertakes a formal investigation, including an independent element, of the following > reported incidents during industrial action on 1 November:

a) firefighter hit by a car at Croydon Fire Station, and withholding
of first aid equipment;
b) FBU London representative and firefighter hit by fire engines at Southwark Fire Station

And will the Chairman ensure that the findings of such an investigation are published?

Reply from Chairman
> Darren Johnson AM
> Green Party Member
> London Assembly
> City Hall
> Queens Walk
> London SE1 2AA
> 020 7983 4388

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