Thursday, 16 September 2010

TUC motion on Climate Change (passed at congress 2010)

C7 Climate change

Composite of motion 31 and amendments
Congress agrees that the overwhelming body of scientific opinion supports the conclusion that climate change is real and significantly attributable to human activity. The Copenhagen climate change summit made clear that a step change in policy is needed to deliver the necessary emissions reductions to curtail dangerous climate change.
Congress further agrees that sustainability not profit should be the determining factor in measuring a successful recovery from the current economic crisis.
As recognised by the Committee on Climate Change, ‘a road map to decarbonise the power sector is key to wider economy decarbonisation’. Congress is therefore disappointed that, although making supportive statements, the coalition Government has delayed key decisions that would ensure a secure and balanced low carbon energy supply for the UK. Evidence in the recent TUC/EIUG report revealed uncertain policy frameworks’ impact on energy prices and green investment in energy-intensive sectors. Urgent action is needed, including:
  • reforms to support a stable floor price for carbon
  • a regulatory framework that encourages investment in staff and skills as well as infrastructure renewal
  • strategic government support to stimulate innovation and UK supply chains
  • pursuit of a binding global carbon reduction agreement to prevent carbon leakage.
Congress calls on the General Council to pursue these objectives as part of an active industrial strategy that also prioritises investment in high quality green jobs and skills in energy-intensive industries to increase efficiency and enable a positive contribution to a low-carbon economy.
Congress instructs the General Council to:
  • seek early meetings with Government ministers to emphasise the need for early progress to decarbonise energy production and to establish an ongoing basis for consultation with relevant unions
  • lobby for regulatory reform in order to support low carbon investment
  • press for a more pro-active approach to promote development of skills to support sustainable development
  • support a campaign for 1 million green jobs that would create employment that delivers in areas of need, i.e. transport, housing and energy and has positive environmental impact.
Mover: Prospect
Seconder: Communication Workers’ Union
Supporter: Community

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