Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Bananas at Finsbury Park! Support for RMT strike

Please send in short reports of yr experiences at the picket lines throughout London this morning.For example:

In the morning rush hour, we went Bananas at Finsbury Park! There are outrageous legal restrictions on official pickets, but these do not apply to CATP supporters so we were able to distribute leaflets far and wide to passengers explaining why the strike was happening. Local cafes and shops were also happy to display leaflets.

Bus workers and passengers clearly understand that our safety on the Tube as well as hundreds  of jobs are under severe threat. The public's solidarity with RMT & TSSA's united fight was extraordinary.

CATP supporters re-fuelled ourselves and union comrades with bananas and cups of coffee. Unity is strength in every possible way! 
In Solidarity,
for CATP 

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