Sunday, 21 March 2010

UCU Election pledge

Make Education Count

Putting education at the heart of the election

5 chances
Wednesday, 17 March 2010 by UCU

We are calling on all parliamentary candidates in the general election to pledge themselves to our vision of post-school education.

5 chances to support UCU’s vision for education:
Will you support a high quality, publicly funded education system—at all levels of study—in which people are not deterred or prohibited by financial barriers?
Do you agree that those who need a ‘second chance’ should be given the means, information and funding to access education?
Do you agree that those who teach in education should receive the support, training and remuneration they deserve which should correspond with the contribution they make to individuals and society?
Should the incoming government be committed to widening participation in education at all levels, founded on equality, diversity and social inclusion and provide funding to back up that commitment?
Do you agree that lifelong learning should be a reality, not just a slogan?
UCU’s alternative manifesto (.pdf)

More here: General Election 2010: an alternative manifesto for post-school education

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