Monday, 8 March 2010

The Green Party Trade Union Group supports PCS strike

The Green Party Trade Union Group supports PCS (Public and Commercial Services Union) members in their strike action today and tomorrow. Their action in defense of their conditions, is defense of the pay and conditions of all workers, (especially public sector workers) which are now under attack. It is also a defense of properly funded public services which are a benefit to all communities in the UK. We hope Green Party members will show their support for PCS strikers by visiting their picket lines and demonstrations.

“The dispute is over changes to the civil service compensation scheme which will see staff robbed of up to a third of their entitlements and see loyal civil and public servants lose tens of thousands of pounds if they are forced out of a job. The union fears that the government wants to make it easier for whoever wins the general election to cut low paid civil and public servants on the cheap.” (PCS website 8/3/2010)

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