Wednesday, 7 January 2009

GAZA; Statement by Joseph Healy and fallback leaflet

We are calling on all Green Left supporters and riends to support as a priority the demonstrations taking place on Saturday against the war crimes and atrocities being inflicted by the Israelis on the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza. The latest tonight is that a UN school clearly earmarked by the UN has been attacked and a large number of civilians sheltering inside, including many children, massacred. The UN has described it as a violation of international law.

The main demonstration called by Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and CND will be in London. It will march from Hyde Park Corner (gather at 12.30pm) to the Israeli embassy in Kensington. Speakers, including Green MEP for London, Jean Lambert, will address the rally.

Leaflets and placards will be distributed by Green Left and Green Party members at the demo and Romayne Phoenix and others will send details of that later.

As the party's delegate to the Stop the War Coalition, I have found them more than willing to have a Green Party speaker on the platform. Contrary to what was stated on Derek Wall's blog, the reason why STWC had no party speaker last week at the demo in Trafalgar Square was because the party's national officers did not reach them in time. It is important to state this, as the impression could otherwise be given that STWC is somehow hostile, and this would strengthen the hands of those in our party who want to end our > involvement in this important campaigning organisation.

I am sure that there may be other local protests taking place across the country, such as the one in Brighton outside Lloyds Bank, at which Caroline Lucas is speaking. However, if possible, we are asking people to attend the large national demonstration in London - details of transport etc from local Stop the War groups.

It is vital that the Green Party's presence is clearly visible on this demo and that Green Left takes the lead in ensuring that it is. We have to send a clear signal from here that Israel's war crimes,
aided and abetted by Bush and Brown (whose UN ambassador has blocked the ceasefire moves at the UN) must be stopped.

Joseph Healy

Co-Convenor and Stop the War Coalition Delegate

(Joseph is also GPTU Treasurer but is not making the above statement in that capacity)

National Demonstration: Saturday 10 January: Stop the Massacre : Israel Out of Gaza Assemble 12.30pm Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, March to Israeli Embassy, London W8
• London Rally: Stop The Gaza Massacre, Thursday 8 January 7.30pm Friends Meeting House, Euston Rd, London NW1 2BJ
Speakers include Tony Benn, Tariq Ali, George Galloway MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP Organised by Stop the War Coalition and Palestine Solidarity Campaign Leaflet... Nearest tube: Euston
• Daily protests: Israeli Embassy 5 - 9 January, 5.30pm-7.00 pm, , High St, Kensington,W8

The following is Text for a fallback leaflet adapted from GPEW website, just in case the leaflet currently in preparation by head office is not available to all members.

06 JANUARY 2009
MEPs from the Green Party and other parties have demanded an emergency debate in the European Parliament on the Gaza crisis - and have been rebuffed.
Jean Lambert, London's Green Euro-MP, issued the following statement today:
"An immediate ceasefire is vital to prevent the further loss of innocent lives. Israel cannot justify this continued assault and the devastation it is bringing to the people of Gaza. The Greens called for an exceptional statement from the Council and Commission and an urgent debate on the crisis in the Parliament this week. It has been confirmed that the plenary debate will not take place, but an exceptional meeting of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee will be held tomorrow.

"Certainly this is not the time for the EU to be upgrading relations with Israel, indeed there is a case for examining the existing agreements. The EU needs a strong voice on this conflict, calling for a sustained ceasefire on both sides, since Hamas, too, bears responsibility for the deaths of civilians."
Jean, who was named Justice and Human Rights MEP of the year in 2005, added,

"Being in Gaza almost a year ago I witnessed the severe suffering of Palestinians as a result of the siege, and a lack of medical equipment and other essential supplies. The situation now must be unbearable, with many hundreds dead and thousands injured as a result of the air strikes and ground offensive.

"It is imperative that the provision of humanitarian aid takes into account the deficit of goods and services which existed prior to these latest attacks. As well as the emergency response, extensive supplies of health, housing and education resources will be needed to rebuild the lives and communities of those affected."

Contact the Green Party 1A Waterlow Road London N19 5NJ Enquiries: 020 7272 4474 Press office:020 7561 0282

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