Monday, 8 December 2008

Event: Ecosocialism for the 21st century

Wednesday 10 December @ 7.30

Ecosocialism for the 21st century
A socialist response to climate change and the financial crisis

Speaker: Sean Thompson (Green Left)

Venue: Indian YMCA, 41 Fitzroy Square, W1 (Warren Street tube)

Public borrowing, public spending and tax cuts to inject money into the economy so that people will spend, spend, spend. And of course most of what is bought is either useless, thrown away or environmentally harmful.

It is possible to have a society in which everyone's needs are met and which does not follow Gordon Brown's route of production, profit making and environmental degradation. Sean Thompson will explain how it is possible for working people not to pay the price for the capitalist crisis and to have an ecologically sustainable future.

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