Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Zimbabwe - Trial of Wellington Chibebe and Lovemore Matombo

Zimbabwe - Trial of Wellington Chibebe and Lovemore Matombo
Wellington Chibebe and Lovemore Matombo, General Secretary and President, of the ZCTU, are due to re-appear in court on 27 August 2008 to face the charges of “spreading falsehoods prejudicial to the State” on the speeches made during May Day celebrations this year. Both Wellington and Lovemore remain on bail until the termination of their trial which has now been postponed twice. Under their bail conditions, they are not allowed to address public or political gatherings, which constitutes a clear breach of freedom of speech and association.
The TUC is sending a letter to the Zimbabwean Ambassador, expressing concern over the trial and urging him to use his influence to drop the charges.
It would be very helpful if you would send similar letters to the Embassy of Zimbabwe in London, publicise them on your union websites and encourage union members to send messages of solidarity through
The ZCTU will keep us informed of any developments regarding the trial and very much appreciates our support and expression of solidarity.

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