Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Oppose Neo-Nazi march through Berlin immigrant district on 23rd August 2008

Message from Priya Shah

The Neo-Nazis are marching through the largest immigrant district in Berlin - Neukoelln on 23rd August. They will march towards the site of a new Hindu temple as they believe symbols of this nature attack 'German' culture. How can the Berlin authorities permit this? Surely the symbol of Naziism is the largest provocation of all?!

I am attempting to get together enough people to put pressure on the Berlin authorities to ban this march. There'll be more information shortly on what you can do to prevent this from taking place. At this stage, we need both local and international solidarity and:

1: press contacts (international)
2: Individuals to distribute flyers in Berlin
3: people to write to and email the Berliner senate and police department (details to follow)
4: additional strategy advice/other support

Contact Info priyashah@web.de

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