Thursday, 10 July 2008

Rally for Pat Carmody and the union - Tuesday (15 July),

Up and down the country, the right to organise is under attack. Pat Carmody is a union rep, sacked by call centre company Pell & Bales for writing a four sentence article about union news in a weekly paper - see it below. Union members at P&B have called for support for a demonstration as Pat goes into his appeal hearing...

10-11am. Outside the P&B Old St offices - 211 Old St!

Pat is a union rep at the Old St office of call centre firm Pell & Bales, and has been a big part of building an active union that has campaigned successfully to save jobs and win a 15% pay rise. P&B workers make fundraising calls on behalf of major charities like Oxfam and UNICEF - but the company doesn't always treat staff ethically. Pat has been sacked for putting his name to a factual four sentence article in the Socialist Worker - see the article below - and many believe, in fact, for being an effective organiser. P&B is a small company that cares about its image. Protest can make a difference!

If you can, please also send a message of protest to Pell & Bales CEO Karl Holweger! Write to Please cc: to find out about our ongoing campaign

Support Pat as he goes into his appeal hearing - Tuesday, 10-11am, outside the Old St offices! Right by Old St tube, exit 7.

"Standing up for call centre staff" - 7 June 2008 - the article Pat has been fired for writing

A well-attended meeting of CWU union members at Pell and Bales, a call centre in Old Street, central London, launched a campaign to defend a fellow worker last week. The caller was suspended pending a disciplinary hearing following a complaint made about him during training. For asking some pertinent questions, he was accused of "playing to the crowd" and "scowling at the carpet". Many colleagues have signed a petition calling for the charges to be dropped.

Pat Carmody, CWU member

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