Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Dear all,

Thank you everyone who joined this group, spread the word, came to a demonstration, wrote to their MP, or in protest to CEO Karl Holweger.

Together with the workers' own campaign (sticker days, petitions, and the talk of something more), this made all the difference - there is absolutely no question that without it, Pat would have no job now, and union members at P&B would be less confident.

So thanks to everyone who has been part of it.

Pat was told at 11am this morning that he is to be reinstated, with back pay and a 'final written warning'. The company, however, has not backed down on the principle, and intends to alter the text of the staff handbook to reinforce their control of press relations. We still believe that trade unionists have a right to publicise their activities.

If you would like to congratulate the company on taking the right decision on Pat's case, and letting them know it has been noticed, Karl's email remains kholweger@pellandbales.co.uk, and you can cc: us on pnbunion@googlemail.com. Please be positive!

For now, this is a victory. The union at Pell & Bales is stronger now than before this began. Pat starts work on Monday.


Tom Dale
07894 461713
Field Organiser
Communication Workers Union

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