Sunday, 4 November 2007


Report from Aled Fisher

Hi guys,The following regards news I've just received from Sam Causton, Chair of the LSESU Citizens for Social Justice Society.This Friday, following pressure from the T&G and London Citizens, Citigroup have agreed to move all their cleaners onto the Living Wage!

LSE students were involved, taking the protest to Citigroup HQ by handing out leaflets to LSE students at an LSE-focused presentation. Many students were shocked that Citigroup did not pay cleaners a Living Wage, and Citigroup themselves sat up and took notice of our action. They have now been shamed into doing the right thing!Another high profile victory for the campaign and for underpaid Londoners. Well done to all involved!The LSESU should be proud to be affiliated to London Citizens - so let's keep taking the campaign to new places until London is a Living Wage City!

Regards,Aled Dilwyn FisherLSESU Environment and Ethics Officer

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  1. Good news. Keep fighting for workers' rights. Nice to see you and Romayne again on Saturday at the NHS demo.

    Paul Cooney