Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Does the GMB have a truly social agenda?

The Green Party of England & Wales has common cause with the GMB in its opposition to Remploy factory closures that are in the name of 'efficiency savings'. Yet there seems to be a dichotomy in other aspects of its corporate workforce strategy that is far from helpful to vulnerable adults and is so unhelpful to the environment as to make everyone vulnerable.

Its national secretary for public services says he suggests moving
towards a "more efficient" local government workforce in which fewer
staff each receive greater rewards (Community Care, 8 November, 'The
shape of disputes to come').

Yet in the leisure and tourism industry, the GMB is very much on the
same side as BA and the British Airports Authority in a 'the sky is the
limit' approach to Heathrow expansion, despite global warming.

Do they have a truly social agenda, or just a leisure and tourism one?

Alan Wheatley
Green Party of England & Wales Disability

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