Sunday, 8 July 2007


The Green Party is becoming online shop. Did you know that "We believe that environmental awareness does not have to mean the deprivation of the benefits our modern society has grown to enjoy.." ?

Well, see the new GP leaflet which uses the offer of a £5 voucher as an incentive to join the Green Party. The voucher can be
redeemed with the following company for purchases over £50 :

The following website appears prominently on the leaflet:

And if you went to consume the LIVE EARTH Concert on 7/7/07, the Wembley exclusion zone protected you from tree-hugging weirdos.

Brent Council threatened GP leafletters with arrest (and also removed Campaign for Climate change leafletters) in the walkway leading from Wembley Park tube on 7/7/07 at the Live Earth concert whilst permitting hamburger stalls, they have an exclusion zone for unlicensed leafletting round Wembley which means that the punters for Live Earth could proceed from the tube station to the stadium perhaps purchasing a funny hat or some junk food without being worried by being offered the chance to do anything about Climate change. Long live passive consumerism.

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