Wednesday, 4 July 2007


This Blog is going to be a blog open to any member of the Green Party TU Group . At the moment to post to it you need to send your postings (ie written pieces or pictures) to me, Pete Murry, at It will be open to the public and probably in the public domain for legal purposes, ( I don't know I'm not a lawyer but if I put you on the blog I do not personally accept responsibility for any defamation, sedition, indecency or libel that you may post, however enjoyable it may be).
I hereby appoint myself Blog administrator which means I can remove posts if I think neccessary (but I hope it won't be).
If this works it should be an online means of pursuing the discussion we have had at GPTU meetings and on the email lists and perhaps reaching out to the wider audience we keep talking about.
If not another teabag on the compost heap of history.

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