Friday, 19 February 2016


Fundraising walking tour for GLA elections

Meeting place : Farringdon tube (exit on Cowcross Street).

3 April

Time: 2.30pm – 4pm.



Join qualified London Blue Badge Tour Guide and Historian Diane Burstein for
a guided walking tour in Clerkenwell. Sometimes referred to as “London’s
Secret Village” this is an area that has retained its character and has
history around every corner. You’ll see the ancient well which gave the area
its name and visit Clerkenwell Green, the scene of numerous political
rallies. Stand on the spot where Chartists, supporters of the Paris
Communards and other radical groups met throughout the years. View the 16th
century gatehouse of the Priory of St John, a target of Wat Tyler’s rebels
during the Peasants Revolt. See the building which now houses a library
dedicated to Marx where Lenin once worked printing his journal “Iskra”.
Learn about the area’s connection with the Fenians and see the site of the
prison where they were incarcerated. Discover how this area in the former
radical Borough of Finsbury led the way in health and housing for the poor.
Walk through Spa Fields, scene of the famous 1816 riot and finish with a
drink at one of the area’s historic pubs.

Diane is one of London’s best known tour guides, thanks to  her regular
contributions to local radio stations LBC and, currently, BBC London on the
subject of “Secret London”. As a Further Education lecturer, Diane teaches
“Discovering London” courses at London’s leading Adult Education colleges,
City Lit and  Bishopsgate Institute. She loves to show both Londoners and
visitors the more unusual sites away from the tourist trail.  She was a
Green Party candidate in the last local elections.

£10 per head.  Contact

This tour is not confined to Green Party members, so bring everyone you can.


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