Wednesday, 11 November 2015

SERTUC activities and news

SERTUC activities and news  November2015

SERTUC Creative & Leisure Industries Committee

Open meeting, but registration essential, on the impact of the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s 25 November autumn statement on arts and culture Tuesday 8 December 6pm Congress House with Kate Oakley, Professor of Cultural Policy at the University of Leeds, register

SERTUC Construction Campaign Task Group

Open meeting with Show Racism the Red Card Saturday 16 January 2016 11am at Congress House, with Steve Goodsell, regional manager of SE England SRtRC, see here and register at

SERTUC Young Workers’ Network

Are celebrating Young Workers Month with a film and pizza night Saturday 28 November 7pm (venue to be confirmed) showing PRIDEcontact

SERTUC Women's Rights Committee training seminar

Friday 27 November at Unite House London, with TU Bill, Abortion Rights, workshops and comedian… Full agenda here

SERTUC unionlearn conference

SERTUC briefing – the check-off campaign

The threat to check-off for union subscriptions contained in the TU Bill is extremely dangerous and unions are gearing up to respond. We have organised a briefing on Thursday 19 November 2pm with Peter Lockhart, PCS National Organiser. PCS was under particular attack during this year and he will share the lessons learned and pitfalls avoided. Register asap at

SERTUC health & safety reps conference

Trade unions campaigning for better health, safety and well-being at work and in the community Friday 5 February 2016 at Congress House. Registration details here

SERTUC with ACAS conferences - note the dates

·         London Thursday 4 February 2016 with ACAS Chair Brendan Barber, ACAS Chief Conciliation Officer David Prince, Hannah Reed TUC, Pete Lockhart PCS and two more to be confirmed

·         East of England Monday 15 February 2016 with ACAS Chief Conciliation Officer David Prince, Binder Bansel Pattinson & Brewer, Hannah Reed TUC, Professor Richard Saundry Plymouth University


Tracking the Labour Market Recovery

Disputes/union actions

NUT and ATL in Berkshire

The Education Bill: What does it mean for Berkshire children? Saturday 14 November panel discussion (with Steve Madden BBC Berks, Max Hyde NUT, Kim Knappett ATL, Danny Dorling Oxford University, Jo Smith Fair Funding Campaign, Greg Wilton Bracknell Young Teacher3pm Reading, refreshments 5pmBanner Theatre “Chicago, the great teachers strike” 6pm

PCS exhibition: Resilience

An exhibition organised by PCS National Gallery strikers 12 to 22 November at PCS HQ

Trades Council actions

Reading trades council – rebirth…

Relaunch meeting on Tuesday 17 November at 6pm all details here or contact Jan Bastable

Andover trades council – needs your help…

Changes in personal circumstances of the officers means Andover needs an injection of activists – can you help? Please circulate your members/officers in the area and ask them to contact Mo Whyte

Wisbech, March & District trades council

Film "Tony Benn: Will and Testament" Tuesday 17 November 7.30pm Wisbech £5 Q&A after the film, more info

Greater London Association of Trade Union Councils

Conference Saturday 12 December 10am "London against austerity 2: Looking at pay" full info here

East London trades councils

Conference Saturday 14 November 11am "Defeat anti-union laws! Stop austerity" with Steve Hedley RMT, Michelle Cook Unite, Mick Houghton GLATC, Rob Williams NSSN contact 07486 047 978 or 07506 733 392

Other actions/events

Chichester Cinema

The Suffragette Movement and the Arts, all day Saturday 21 November £14/£10

Socialist opposition to the First World War

An exhibition on working class men and women resisting the war opening 8 November Marx Memorial Library

Theatre: United We Stand

Townsend Productions present the story of Des Warren, Ricky Tomlinson and the Shrewsbury Pickets - 2 to 14 November in Peckham

Schools Out UK: LGBT History Month

Theme: Religion, belief and philosophy Thursday 26 November Cambridge, all day and evening

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign

An afternoon of Nicaraguan films Saturday 21 November 3pm £11.50/£6.50 details here

Whose education is it anyway?

Conference on Saturday 14 November London

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