Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Campaign against Climate Change We will be staging a mass "die-in," 8 july

Claire - Campaign against Climate Change 

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Info re London action copied below (there are other actions elsewhere in the country)
In London we'll assemble at Parliament from 5.30 pm We will be staging a mass "die-in," where everyone will lie on the ground as if dead in front of Parliament to highlight the deaths caused by cuts to welfare services and benefits. In the run-up, we want you to draw chalk body shapes on the floor around the city with #AusterityKills written there too, and tweet the photo!

These stunts come at a great time since Ian Duncan Smith recently attempted to block the publication of "death statistics" that will reveal how many people have died within six weeks of their benefits being stopped. Meanwhile just weeks ago, a supporter of The People's Assembly set up a petition to demand the release of these figures, and more than 220,000 signatures later, it appears the Cameron has begun to sweat at the collar. The figures are now to be announced according to the Guardian's recent article:

We will also be protesting in support of the numerous unions on strike on June 8th. It truly will be a day of broad and solid action!

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