Thursday, 26 February 2015

Roundtable for trade unionists on the current situation in Venezuela with a leading figure in the Venezuelan labour movement, Marcos Garcia



We're writing to remind you of your invitation you to a roundtable for
trade unionists on the current situation in Venezuela with a leading figure
in the Venezuelan labour movement, Marcos Garcia (short CV below,) who has
recently moved to Britain from Venezuela. Thanks to those of you who have
already replied - whether you are able to come or not, please forward this
email onto colleagues who you think may be interested, so we can ensure the
best possible turnout for Marcos at this difficult time for our colleagues
in Venezuela.

The discussion will take place at 2pm on Friday March 6   in Room 1 at Unite
House, 128 Theobalds Road, London, WC1X 8TN. It will be followed at 4pm by
a welcome reception for Marcos at a nearby bar, kindly sponsored by the
General Federation of Trade Unions, and you are invited to both events.

Marcos has recently been in Venezuela working on the first congress of the
new, progressive, unified trade union movement alongside the establishment
of the National Labour Council and implementation of the country's
progressive Labour Law, drawing on his experience as a transport workers'
leader in Venezuela for 19 years. He has also recently been the Labour
Attaché in the Embassy of Venezuela in the US, so can also bring a
first-hand perspective on the developments in US-Venezuela relations as
well as current developments in Venezuela, including in the labour and
trade union movement.

Dr, Francisco Dominguez will also give an important update regarding the
latest attempts to destabilise Venezuela, including the recent thwarted
coup attempt, President Obama signing U.S Sanctions on Venezuela and the
ongoing 'economic war' against the Government from sections of big business
and the right-wing opposition, which has led to many comparison with the
situation in Chile in the 1970s in recent days (see TELESUR video at:!en/video/venezuelan-right-wing-wants-to-make-the-economy-scream


Yours in Solidarity,

Tony Burke, Unite Assistant General Secretary & VSC Vice-Chair Doug
Nicholls, GFTU General Secretary & VSC MC Matt Willgress. VSC National
Co-ordinator _______________

Marcos now serves as First Secretary at the Embassy of the Bolivarian
Republic of Venezuela in London. Previously, he worked as Second Secretary
in Labor Affairs in Washington D.C., from April 2007 to February 2014. He
worked for 19 years in the Underground System of Caracas as station
operator, organizational and process analyst, administrative coordinator
and trade union leader. In 2003, he also served as adviser to the Minister
of Labor in the Committee for Occupied Factories.

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