Monday, 15 December 2014

Decent Jobs Week

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15 ‑ 21 December 2014 / Millions of people in the UK are trapped in low-paid, insecure jobs. Decent Jobs Week shines a light on our growing jobs crisis.

No one really knows how many people work on a ‘zero-hours contract’ basis. It is at least 1.4 million, and quite probably a great deal more. Many zero-hours contracts offer no steady, regular or assured work each week. Other workers, such as agency and casual workers, often lose out on important rights and terms of employment, such as ‘sick pay’.
The recovery is creating new jobs but many are of poor quality. As a result, more and more people struggle to pay their rent, mortgage and heat their homes. Food banks fed more than a million people in 2013, and this year it will be many more. Women and young workers have suffered the greatest detriment from poor quality employment. For very many people work is not a route out of poverty, it is a route into poverty.
From 15 to 21 December, the TUC is organising ‘Decent Jobs Week’, a series of events across England and Wales that will raise awareness about Britain’s jobs’ crisis.
SERTUC will be ‘street campaigning:

15 December                          Ipswich: 60-62 Tavern StreetIpswich, Suffolk, IP1 3AJ
Decent Jobs for All Stall:          12.00 - 15.00
Photo Opportunity:                  12.30 (approx)
16 December                          Gillingham: 124A High Street, Gillingham, Kent ME7 1AS
Decent Jobs for All Stall:          12.00 - 17.00
Photo Opportunity:                  12.30 (approx)
17 December                          Chatham: Opposite 211 High Street, Chatham ME4 4BG
Decent Jobs for All Stall:          12.00-17.00.
Photo Opportunity:                  12.30 (approx)
18 December                          Southwark: 264 Walworth Road, London SE17 1JE
                                          opposite the entrance to East Street Market
Decent Jobs for All Stall:          12.00 - 15.00
Photo Opportunity:                  12.30 (approx)
19 December                          Hastings: Pedestrian area at the junction of Wellington Place and Queens Road, Hastings, East Sussex TN34 1NN
Decent Jobs for All Stall:          12.00 - 15.00
Photo Opportunity:                  12.30 (approx)
Contact for information: Laurie Heselden 0781 800 2877 and

On each day/street action: 
There will be a photo opportunity at 12.30 (approx), with campaign banner, Father Xmas, a Christmas Elf and local people. Trade unionists and supporters are welcome.
Volunteers are welcome to help with street leafleting for any part of the afternoon.
Trade unionists and local people are very welcome to visit our street stall, to tell us their story and have their photo taken with their ‘jobs wish’, and with our ‘Decent Jobs Santa’, if they wish. 
What we Want - A Decent Job for All! Every Worker Should Have:
·         A proper contract of employment
·         Fair pay, and at least the Living Wage
·         Regular hours of work
·         Good employment rights and collective bargaining at work
·         The opportunity to learn at work and improve their skills
·         Equal rights at work for all



Laurie Heselden
Regional Policy and Campaigns Officer
T: 0207 467 1292 (DL) and 0207 467 1220 (Darren Lewis-Office Administrator)
M: 0781 800 2877
Twitter: @TUCLaurieHeseld

We have street activities in Ipwich (15 Dec), Gillingham (16 Dec), Chatham (17 Dec), Southwark (18 Dec) and Hastings (19 Dec). Contact me by email for more information.
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