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Boycott the Dominican Republic, No ethnic cleansing in the Caribbean

Caribbean Labour Solidarity have asked for our support to picket theEvening of Dominican Cigars, Music and Rum
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No ethnic cleansing in the Caribbean

Caribbean Labour Solidarity have asked for our support to
Picket the Evening of Dominican Cigars, Music and Rum
on Wednesday 26th November
at the  Royal Geographical Society,  Kensington Gore, SW7 2AR from6.30pm

It is "Dominican Week" next week in London and the Royal Geographic Society are hosting an Evening of Dominican Cigars, Music and Rum for the Dominican Ambassador and guests. It is appalling to celebrate the country in this way, particularly as three weeks ago the Dominican Republic informed the Inter-American Court of Human Rights of its intention to withdraw its membership, a reaction to the international criticism it received following the 2013 Constitutional Court ruling and subsequent acts of discrimination against Dominicans of Haitian descent in the country.

The Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic made a ruling in September 2013, which retroactively stripped the birthright citizenship from tens of thousands of children, women and men, many of whose parents and grandparents were brought to work in the Dominican Republic’s sugar industry. The ruling covers citizens resident in the Republic since 1929 and their descendants. 

There is a long history of racism, xenophobia and violence directed against Haitians and persons of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic, which cannot be disassociated from this latest injustice. It would do us well to recall that the last time there was a major governmental crack-down against people of Haitian heritage in the Dominican Republic, during the 1937 "Parsley Massacre" by the forces of Dominican President Rafael Trujillo, over 20,000 men, women and children were rounded up, then beaten or hacked to death for just being Haitian or simply looking as if they were because they were black.

It is scandalous that the Dominican court has chosen to commemorate the 76th anniversary of the 1937 massacre by stripping Dominican-born men, women, and children of Haitian descent of their citizenship, rendering them not only stateless but unable to attend school or make a living while becoming even more vulnerable to all kinds of hostilities including, increasingly, physical violence.

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Boycott the Dominican Republic
No holidays in a country that strips its citizens of their rights
Do not drink their rum, do not smoke their cigars

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  1. You are completely right about the racism and xenophobia that historically we (DR) have had against haitians descendents in DR, reality that I personally recongnized as Dominican, but not share it, any inmigrant in any country should be respected as a human being, and their migratory rights respected.

    This said, you should assess what your country have done and doing on this field?

    Have you did any protest against the Malvinas occupation?

    Have you did any protest against your role in Irak, Afghanistan, and Siria (beside of US)?

    Have you did any protest about your incursion and role in Barhain?

    Have you protested against the treatment of the subsaharian and sirian inmigrants escaping from WAR in Spain and Italy?

    Have you protested for all the migratory injustice, xenophobia and racism in your own country?

    Assess if you are MORALLY capable of doing a protest against a 10million population controlled by US, profoundly POOR and corrupted.. and thanX.

  2. All what you said is a lie. Theb Haitians are free here and like Dominican must work. But if you want to see crimes of hate. only must write in google hatians kill Dominican, and you will get robe, an people kill from Haitians, old people, women. The racist you said never happen, people who dosnt have documents fron his country and want to come here to get it? are you crazy? they must got to Haiti come here and with our laws make the documentation. We spend to much money from our health por Haitian people for education, but if we keep taking more poor people to a poor country like Dominicana Republic we will destroy our nation. So no more Haitian here because we don't have the money to keep poor people doint nothing. We have our poor people to take care. I f you want go to Haiti and give money there and get documents in Haiti for hatians who more tha 80% of the population dosnt have birth certificate. so go to Haiti and solve the problem of Haiti in Haiti not here

  3. Bullshit!!!!! Haitians are free people in the dominican republic! This article is a complete lie! If you visit the dominican republic you will realize how free they are and they compete with other dominican mates in their workplaces under the same conditions. They live the same way many dominican people live....this is just another article trying to get more media exposure....

    1. Indeed. The author is a LIAR. All of it is FALSE.

  4. I am glad the last commentator has asked about other injustices that the University and Colleges Union and Caribbean Labour Solidarity have protested against. Both organisations have opposed the War in Afghanistan and Iraq, expressed outrage at police brutality in both Jamaica and Britain, stood up the the current anti-immigrant propaganda led by UKIP and expressed our solidarity with those imprisoned in Bahrain.
    More information from and

    1. so CETERIS PARIBUS, if the University of College Union, a profitable institution from UK, would establish a subsidiary in Barhain, Irak, Afghanistan, Palestina, or Irak, PEOPLE from there, shoud boycot you??


    Same problem in Bahamas. I do not see any complains.
    Double standard policy?

    My Twitter: @Veaney_Arteaga

  6. Please more boycott to the DR. In the meanwhile:

    1.- Thuosands of haitians pregnant with Aids, anemia and eclampsy women comes for free delivery in DR Hospitals.
    We have to pay the bills 5,200 millions. Not to count on the other issues we have to pay.

    Haitians violate 7 years old child, same stuff we see muslims do to white and pristine britain girls.
    So we must do the same no law, no police, no jury, no jail. Got it.

    Two haitians raper another girl, 14 years.Same treatment you do to muslims? 5 Star Hotel and grants. Swell !

    4.-I Can put more killings, rapes of haitians in the DR.
    My twitter @Veaney_Arteaga

    1. you are completely right!!! I want everyone who wants them to boycott Dominican Republic, go to the country and see with their own eyes how the Haitian people live, all the job opportunities they have and that hospitals are filled to 90% of them, Haitian women who come here just to give birth free. We are a poor country and we can not be too over Haitians. Why France, England or any other power do not take care of them ?? why us??

    2. Thank you for saying the truth...Dominican Republic has done for the Haitian community what NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD HAS DONE...STOP WITH THESE LIES!


    Viewers discretion is advise. Heart problem? Beware

    My twitter @Veaney_Arteaga

  8. What you can achieve with this article is a lawsuit for publishing falsehoods and lies

  9. The problem is not racial. A large chunk of the Dominican population is black, and is unaffected by the recent upper court ruling. Furthermore, they do not experience any sort of racial discrimination when it comes to jobs, government assistance, or otherwise. The problem is cultural, and the alleged discrimination is mutual. Haitians fare much better in the Dominican Republic than vice-versa.

    Now, it just so happens that 90% of the Haitian population is black and it might appear to be a racial issue. Additionally, when put up against the backdrop of European enslavement during the 15th-18th century in the Caribbean, of course you perceive it as a racial matter; but that is not the Dominican Republic's fault. It is Spain, France, Holland, England and the US's fault!.

    Lastly, regarding nationality, the Dominican Republic grants nationality on a Jus Sanguini basis. So does 70% of the world! Very few countries grant nationality on a Jus Solis basis, and with good reason: Immigrants come in and tear up their passports in order to exploit the UN Charter. Its simple. Say I swim into Spain, undocumented. I say I'm Spanish, and some NGO will gladly take up my cause because my word is more important to them than the rule of law.

  10. Who came up with this IDIOTIC idea of a Boycott of the DR??.. The DR is carrying Haiti and all it misery, crime, unemployment, sickness, plus more than 50,000 Haitians babies are born in the DR every years for humanitarian reasons because Haiti does not HELP IT OWN PEOPLE.. In Haiti according to pro-Haitian newspaper ACENTO.COM.DO more than 80% of Haitians do not have a birth certificate, Haiti refuse to document them,and those are the " stateless Haitians" that now the international community want to make automatic Dominicans by violating our laws and Constitution , Haiti also wants to send 200,000 Haitians every year to the DR, and claim that they are Dominicans of Haitians decent , when in reality, they are HAITIANS. To Boycott the only country in the Caribbean that is helping Haiti is the most stupid idea, Do you really think that by blackmail and Intimidation , that you will scare the Dominicans into accepting Haiti's problems??... There are over 1,800,000 illegals from Haiti working in Hotels, constructions and many other jobs , if you ruined the Dominican economy just to make sure that the DR become Haiti's pressure relief valve of misery, crime, sickness and poverty, You are condemning those illegal Haitians to being fired from their jobs and deported back to LOVELY HAITI . So instead of trying to ruined the DR with Haiti's problem... fix Haiti instead, its smarter.
    1) Haitians born in the DR of illegal parents are HAITIANS according to our laws and Haiti's Constitution.
    2) Haitians born to Contract worker for the sugar industry are HAITIANS by Contracts between Haiti and the DR and by both Constitutions.
    3) Haitians born in Dominicans Hospital to illegals for humanitarian reasons.. ARE HAITIANS.
    There is no ETHNIC CLEANSING .... THERE ONLY MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL HAITIANS , CLAIMING DOMINICAN DOCUMENTS with the help of Haiti, and many countries that DO NOT WANT TO SEE , HAITI'S MISERY IN THEIR COUNTRIES and want the DR to carry it instead...

  11. Great Britain needs to take full responsibilty on what goes on their Carribean Islands...Great Britain is deporting all ilegal Haitians from their islands but how ironic that they are creating a boycott on the Dominican Republic for "supposedly doing the same" . Lets get it straight with true facts...Dominican Republic Has Not deported not one Haitian since the 2010 earthquake...Dominican Republic Has 4 million ilegal Haitians in its territory,Dominican Republic is the ONLY country in the World that will not deport ilegal Haitians, Dominican Republic is registering all ilegal Haitians at a cost of 25 million dollars paid by Dominican Tax payers yet Great Britain is planning to Boycott Dominican Republic turism and products...HOW DARE YOU!!!!...GREAT BRITAIN JUST WANTS A CLEAN SLATE SO IT CAN CLEAN ITS ISLAND FROM ILEGAL HAITIAN MIGRACION & THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC TO CARRY ON THE BURDEN....HOW DARE YOU BOYCOTT THE ONLY COUNTRY THAT HAS DONE ALL IT CAN FOR A POVERISH COUNTRY LIKE HAITI, HAITI HAS A UNIVERSITY WHICH COST DOMINICAN TAX PAYERS 30 MILLION DOLLARS , WHAT HAS GREAT BRITAIN DONE?...LOOK THE OTHER WAY!!...ALL HOSPITALS IN DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ARE OPENED AND FREE OF CHARGE FOR ALL ILEGAL HAITIANS ....HOW DARE YOU GREAT BRITAIN TARNISH THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC ......YOUR THE RACIST ONE.. GREAT BRITAIN!!!!...YOUR SUCH A DISGRACE FOR HUMAN KIND...DONT TRY TO CLEAN YOUR CARRIBEAN TERRITORY BY DEPORTING ALL HAITIANS...FACE IT THE SAME WAY DOMINICAN REPUBLIC HAS DONE , EVEN WITH ITS LIMITED RESOURCES!!!

  12. The deportations of millions of Haitians Illegals, who violate our laws and use false documents to get citizenship,are a BURDEN TO THE NATIONAL COFFER for more than US$ 500 millions dollars a year to a poor country like Dominican Republic , IS NOT ETHNIC CLEANSING... IT IS NATIONAL SECURITY, just like in the other 99% of the Countries of the World.

  13. Just look who asked them to join the boycott!
    Caribbean Labour Solidarity!
    Hey are you guys also boycotting the Bahamas? Trinidad and Tobago?
    No, you know why? because it's a bunch of black racist that hates the Dominicans!

  14. Haters, don´t make me laugh, you look so pathetic, Boycott DR? just do it if you have the pants! We are here wating for you jerks.

  15. Only a bullshit who never doing nothing to the humanity, makes something like that, you're desperate to prepare a unification DR/ Haiti, but remember we're not Haiti! We are free and nobody can change that.


  17. Prepare yourselves for a lawsuit pseudo-academics...... for spreading lies against the country who has helped Haitians the most.

  18. Here's a documentary project that we are editing right now
    draw a portrait of the situation
    for these Haitian migrants on Dominican soil.
    We are actively working to make sure their stories are
    seen and heard.

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  20. Trujillo did kill many Hatians, probably more than the 20,000 you mention, but he sure killed much more Dominicans. Haitians know this, and this tends not to be an issue.
    2. In uk, at least one parent has to be UK citizen, otherwise the child does not get UK citizenship, even if it was born inUK, this is the same as DR.
    3. Haitians born in DR from undocumented parents were never citizens, even though they were born in DR, so DR can not stripped them something they never had. This is the same in UK why is it so good for UK and so bad for DR?
    4. Haiti recognizes these people's nationality as Haitian, because Haiti grants nationality to children of Hatians, so does the Dominican government.
    5. What apartheid are you talking about? Do you think Dominicans are white?
    Do you think Dominicans and Haitians have a different race? The differences are cultural, like Mexico and USA, or Brasil and Argentina.DR will never be a one island nation, it wasnt even before the national concepts of Hatian and Dominican existed, it actually used to be 5 separate territories. This also tends not to be an issue, Haiti does not want a one island nation, it also wants its sovereignty.
    6.Dominicans born in Haiti from undocumented parents, are not granted Haitian citizenship either.

  21. Dominicans born in Haiti from undocumented parents, are not granted Haitian citizenship either.

  22. If you really want to help the people of Haiti need only to his country take a group of them ... like all countries of the world ... in the Dominican Republic over 2 million living illegally in the eyes of everyone .... so contribute to the "cause" and take their countries at least 100 families and be part of the solution ... do not continue blaming the Dominican Republic Haiti's problems, blame the big nations of Europe.

  23. Dominicans are the most solidarity with the Haitian people

    For Haitians, who are about a million in our territory, revealed that 13% of births in public hospitals are of Haitian mothers, which means an expenditure of more than 5 billion pesos a year for the Dominican State.

    He also noted that about 51,000 Haitians studying in the Dominican Republic, 36,000 of whom attend national schools without requiring any document; 15,000 going to Dominican universities and many of them received scholarships.

    He recalled that after the 2010 earthquake Dominican ports and roads have served to supply goods to Haiti from other countries, at no cost to Haiti.

    Danilo Medina, president of the Dominican Republic. 30 January 2014. Second Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).

    The dominiano government is paying more than 1,200 million Dominicans by the regularization of illegal Haitians in the country. Thing that neither Haiti has done throughout its existence and unfortunately can not give you the documentation so that they can the regularization in Dominican Republic.

  24. It´s curious that everyone posting articles and negative opinions about this topic live outside the Island of Hispaniola. If you go now to the DR you´ll see that haitians, chinese, spanish, italians, germans, canadians, americans, etc... are everywhere, at Churches, working at hotels, restaurants, doing business, teaching, etc., living a normal life together with dominicans. Only the ones with illegal status are being called to legallize. But it comes that for you, people who feel different for being black (shame), your easiest opinion is that this is racism.. You´re acting like you´re short-minded!! This is not about a color or race issue, it´s a massive and abusive illegal immigration issue affecting the DR, that your mind don´t long to understand because you are overseas and sadly biased by what you call ¨color¨, which dominicans really don´t mind about. Thousands of people from different nationalities have already submitted their request to a resident visa, but only haitians are trying to make it look like a "humanitarian" crisis, which is not and will never be.